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Great Harvest Bread of Logan Lunch Menu

Choose from our yummy selection of our Logan Signature Sandwiches, Grilled Sandwiches, or you can build your own sandwich.

Fresh bread makes ALL the difference! Our Turkey is baked daily here at the bakery, and all our Great Harvest Bread of Logan sandwiches are made to order. You choose your favorite variety of bread, and we do the rest. Great Harvest sandwiches are perfect for lunch meeting catering either in the office or we can deliver.

  • Swede Turkey PestoFull: $6.10 | 1/2: $5.16

    Asiago sourdough bread, pesto sauce, mayo, spicy mustard, swiss cheese, turkey, grilled, then lettuce, tomato, red onion, with a little balsamic dizzle. "Number 1 best sandwich! And the name is so fitting" (Swede Olson, 4:00am'er, GHBC)

  • ReubenFull: $6.10 | 1/2: $5.16

    Swedish rye bread, mayo, spicy mustard. swiss cheese, pastrami, sauerkraut, drilled, then lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a little thousand island. "The classic that is just heavenly! It's my favorite!" (James Clawson, Cleaning Dept. GHBC)

  • RachelFull: $6.10 | 1/2: $5.16

    Swedish rye bread, mayo, spicy mustard, swiss cheese, turkey, grilled, and then topped with, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and the best dang coleslaw this side of paradise. "Don't be a panty waist. The coleslaw makes the sandwich. We will be seriously offended if you try to change anything on this sandwich. Trust us!!"

  • The PilgrimFull: $6.10 | 1/2: $5.16

    Cranberry orange bread, mayo, spicy mustard, cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. "This is Rodney's (Lisa's daddy-o) favorite sandwich. You'll be thankful for this sandwich all year round."

  • Kid Friendly$4.22

    Grilled cheese or PB&J

  • Big Blue Roast BeefFull: $6.10 | 1/2: $5.16

    Roast beef and provolone on Honey Whole Wheat with all the veggies and BLUE CHEESE spread.

  • Eve's GardenFull $6.10 | 1/2: $5.16

    Provolone cheese, homemade hummus and all the veggie with a balsamic drizzle on Honey Whole Wheat.

  • Sweethearts Chicken SaladFull: $6.10 | 1/2: $5.16

    Cranberry orange bread, apples, celery and SPICY SUGAR pecans with a drizzle of HONEY!

  • Sam's HamFull: $6.10 | 1/2: $5.16

    Ham and swiss grilled with a lovely poppy spread, topped with veggies and APPLE BUTTER! WHITE BREAD

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