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Vision Statement We believe our success comes from a strong commitment to uphold the legacy and integrity of the Great Harvest brand. Great Harvest is about customer experience and the promise of phenomenal tasting products made with freshly-milled whole grain and pure and simple ingredients.

Be Loose & Have Fun.
Bake Phenomenal Bread.
Run Fast to Help Customers.
Create Strong & Exciting Bakeries.
And, Give Generously to Others.

Whole Wheat Bread We love whole wheat bread. That's because our whole wheat bread, made with freshly ground flour and pure and simple ingredients, tastes incredible. There's just something about the way that nutty, rich taste of wheat combines with honey, yeast and salt that keeps customers coming back. It's what made us famous and continues to endear us to a broad array of happy customers.

Baking from scratch was the norm for our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. They were concerned about making great-tasting food to nourish their family’s bodies. So is Great Harvest. Through the generations, our world has turned to cheaper, easier, less time-consuming methods of food preparation, losing the benefits of handmade, healthy baking and cooking. Not Great Harvest. We still believe in our elaborately long, traditional methods of bread making. We don’t rush it. Time allows our bread to naturally develop its exquisite flavor and texture, without the use of additives.

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Great Harvest Park City

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6541 North Landmark Drive, Park City, Utah 84098
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Would you like to work surrounded by the aroma of freshly baking bread? At Great Harvest Bread Company, we are always looking for fun loving, hard working people who are committed to providing great customer service and producing excellent products. The bakery environment is upbeat and fast paced. We have great jobs for creative people who love to stay busy. Free bread is always a benefit! Each location is individually owned and operated and available positions are always changing.

If you are interested in working at the Park City Great Harvest, please print the application below and bring it into our bakery. Ask for JoEllen or Alex when you drop it off. Don’t forget to enjoy a free slice of bread while you are at the bakery!

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