Great Harvest whole wheat bread.

About Great Harvest Bread of Bountiful

43 E 500 S
Bountiful, UT

Because we love baking products that are as nutritious as they are delicious! Our freshly-milled whole grain wheat flour assures that we're delivering nutritional value. Studies show that the fresher foods are (such as milled grains, and vegetables and fruits) the better they are nutritionally.

We've always known fresh-ground flour tastes better. We've even done lots of blind taste tests just to prove what we've know intuitively all along! Now we know the fresh flour is better nutritionally as well. When a kernel of wheat is milled, all parts of the flour start to oxidize as they're exposed to the air — the germ, which contains free fatty acids, is particularly vulnerable to this oxidation. Using our own fresh ground flour assures that the nutritive value of our products is the best it can be.

Our Secret

Five Simple Ingredients

  • Whole Wheat Flour

  • Water

  • Fresh Yeast

  • Salt

  • Something Sweet

Pure & Whole

100% Whole Wheat Ground Daily

Five ingredients are the hallmark of our legendary whole grain breads. Fresh-ground whole wheat flour, water, fresh yeast, salt and something sweet (usually a local honey). At Great Harvest Bread of Bountiful, we believe bread is best when you keep it simple. It's even better when you use the highest quality ingredients you can find. You can taste and feel the difference.

All of our baked goods are made from scratch - no mixes or frozen doughs. We mill our whole wheat flour fresh daily on our stone mill right here at the bakery. Whole wheat kernels are poured into one end of the mill and are ground into 100% whole wheat flour. There is absolutely no separation of flour components; nothing added or taken out — just pure fresh flour from the whole grain.

We Know Bread

The secret to making phenomenal bread is in the wheat kernels. We know where every kernel comes from. That's because we have been purchasing our premium whole wheat from family-owned farms for more than 30 years.

The farmers who produce our whole wheat know Great Harvest Bread of Bountiful is a tough client. Every year we test the crop for its protein content, moisture level, baking qualities and, of course, its distinctive taste. The high quality wheat we purchase allows us to bake without using artificial dough conditioners to boost loaf size.

Our growers know that the slightest variation in the wheat crop can completely change the flavor, size, and shape of a loaf. Consistency is the key. That's why we perform at least one hundred test bakes each year.

We Know Wheat

Great Harvest wheat grows on the arid high plains of Montana. This legendary region is known for growing some of the highest quality wheat in the world. Our farmers send their harvest samples to suppliers for preliminary testing. Test lots that meet specified criteria are then shipped to Great Harvest's research and development bakery in Dillon, Montana.

We mill each sample of wheat into fresh ground whole grain flour. Then we begin measuring, mixing, weighing, kneading, and baking. Understanding the subtle nuances of the wheat, what great dough should feel like, how it should bake, and ultimately how it should taste is what distinguishes Great Harvest Bread of Bountiful products.

What Our Customers Say

  • Great bread. Great tasting samples 👌
    Dirk Pitt 04/10/24 — google
  • Awesome breads and cinnamon puffs.
    Carmen B 03/30/24 — google
  • I wish there was a location in SLC.
    Sharon McBride 03/11/24 — google
  • Great bread, muffins, etc., here! I always enjoy a slice of bread with a Keva juice from next door. However, the "slice" seems to have gotten bigger with time. Last time I was there, a young lady generously gave me a third of a loaf when I asked for a slice. Hmm. That's a bit much. So glad to have a bakery in Bountiful.
    Kerry Moore 03/6/24 — google
  • Great and friendly service
    James Bowers 02/13/24 — google
  • The raisin bread is like grandma's homemade.c
    Allen Thomas M 11/16/23 — google
  • The folks at Great Harvest are so friendly & professional. They know what they are talking about & make sure you understand the process that goes into making their yummy treats
    Vincent Grant 09/25/23 — google
  • I love their sandwiches. Their bread is delicious.
    Annette Doty 07/14/23 — google
  • The run out of stuff so fast
    Marchien Wilson 06/8/23 — google
  • it was wonderful! the food was incredible, and the service offered was very kind
    Kristen Combe 05/31/23 — google
  • Breakfast bars that have fruit on them that I always forget the name are awesome
    Cliff Layton 05/25/23 — google
  • I've never had better food in my life, and the guy who owns it is super hot
    Nick Hallisey 05/21/23 — google
  • Nothing better than a keva and great harvest. Reminds me of being a kid and pretty much all my life growing up lol. Great harvest is better than keva, they seem to be hit and miss unlike when I was younger. Definitely get your cinnamon bread!
    Rock Creations 03/30/23 — google
  • Anytime we are in a trip to Utah we stop and get some fresh bread. This is where my love of fresh bread came from the great harvest. Going into yourself to a large slice of whatever they just took out of the oven. They have all sorts of butters that are fresh and unique. Made from scratch with love. They taste so good. Slather on some butter on a freshly baked piece of bread and you’ll be filled up. You can also take some loaves home. But you can’t beat bread that’s just been taken out of the oven. My kids could eat this bread all day long for every meal.
    Tiffany Stock 11/9/22 — google
  • Good bread and other food. Could use more sunflower seeds in the bread. Everything tasted good. The pumpkin bread free sample was wonderful.
    Steve Chisham 10/5/22 — google
  • Perfectly delicious! Thank you!
    Chantelle Guerrero 08/10/22 — google
  • cinnamon bread and pumpkin chocolate chip bread are THEE BEST!!
    Mckell Vaughn 06/28/22 — google
  • Always buy our bread here. Routinely excellent.
    LeAnn Drake 05/30/22 — google
  • Delicious turkey bacon and ranch sandwich.
    D M 03/31/22 — google
  • Best bread and right next to the best smoothie place in Utah!
    Person 03/18/22 — google