Great Harvest Bread of Bountiful


The raisin bread is like grandma's homemade.c
Allen Thomas M 11/16/23 — google
The folks at Great Harvest are so friendly & professional. They know what they are talking about & make sure you understand the process that goes into making their yummy treats
Vincent Grant 09/25/23 — google
I love their sandwiches. Their bread is delicious.
Annette Doty 07/14/23 — google
The run out of stuff so fast
Marchien Wilson 06/8/23 — google
it was wonderful! the food was incredible, and the service offered was very kind
Kristen Combe 05/31/23 — google
Breakfast bars that have fruit on them that I always forget the name are awesome
Cliff Layton 05/25/23 — google
I've never had better food in my life, and the guy who owns it is super hot
Nick Hallisey 05/21/23 — google
Nothing better than a keva and great harvest. Reminds me of being a kid and pretty much all my life growing up lol. Great harvest is better than keva, they seem to be hit and miss unlike when I was younger. Definitely get your cinnamon bread!
Rock Creations 03/30/23 — google
Anytime we are in a trip to Utah we stop and get some fresh bread. This is where my love of fresh bread came from the great harvest. Going into yourself to a large slice of whatever they just took out of the oven. They have all sorts of butters that are fresh and unique. Made from scratch with love. They taste so good. Slather on some butter on a freshly baked piece of bread and you’ll be filled up. You can also take some loaves home. But you can’t beat bread that’s just been taken out of the oven. My kids could eat this bread all day long for every meal.
Tiffany Stock 11/9/22 — google
Good bread and other food. Could use more sunflower seeds in the bread. Everything tasted good. The pumpkin bread free sample was wonderful.
Steve Chisham 10/5/22 — google
Perfectly delicious! Thank you!
Chantelle Guerrero 08/10/22 — google
cinnamon bread and pumpkin chocolate chip bread are THEE BEST!!
Mckell Vaughn 06/28/22 — google
Always buy our bread here. Routinely excellent.
LeAnn Drake 05/30/22 — google
Delicious turkey bacon and ranch sandwich.
D M 03/31/22 — google
Best bread and right next to the best smoothie place in Utah!
Person 03/18/22 — google
Consistently great sandwiches!
Val Judy 01/30/22 — google
I received a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread I think it is good bread wish I went there more often
Johan baker Gibb 12/20/21 — google
Great sandwiches and the girls working here always know how to brighten up the customer's day.
Rod Steiner 12/19/21 — google
Great Service, excellent food. I recommend to anyone.
Kersháw Benali 11/30/21 — google
Love the tea scones
Laura Nelson 07/27/21 — google bread made at home💗
cheryl arend 06/22/21 — google
Good healthy food .
Elysha Neves 04/20/21 — google
Love the cinnamon swirl bread, harvest blend, raisin bread, and the honey wheat. Delicious. The chicken, cranberry, pecan salad sandwich is wonderful, also.
Lee Higbee 03/19/21 — foursquare
All amazing.
Ryan Uzelac 03/11/21 — google
Cinnamon bread to die for!
Tom Obray 01/23/21 — google
Great breads and sweets! Always make amazing gift baskets especially for the holiday.
M Miller 12/27/20 — google
The BEST great harvest ever! Their bread is better than other locations! I drive further to buy bread in Bountiful! It is sooo good!
Ashley Callister Carter 12/12/20 — google
I love their cinnaburst bread. I just wish they still did individual slices of bread. They were huge!! I hope they bring them back!!!
Jacob Oehler 12/5/20 — google
Amazing quality and service! Love their bread and breakfast rolls. Go at the right time and it is warm out of the oven! Plus.. good quality ingredients. Yes, 10 for me!
Tony Reece 07/6/20 — google
Great salads and bread
Dan 05/18/20 — google
Pecan Cranberry Chicken Salad. Turkey Bacon Ranch. Excellent sandwiches. Excellent staff. Five Stars easily. Oh, and the bread is amazing dense, hearty and wholesome.
Jake Simons 03/28/20 — google
Delicious bread, sandwiches, cookies, etc. for good prices!
Paul Walton 02/22/20 — google
What a Gem find. I went in to just browse at the bread options, they were still baking but I order the breastfask roll with cheese and japenos. They even gave a slice of their cinnamon bread n org were highly outrageously delicious
Don Mucheck 01/3/20 — google
Always great staff and service.
Ty Berrett 12/28/19 — google
Great little store with just the Great Harvest basics. When in the area it is an excuse to stop here and get some of the best bread by far in Utah. They also offer samples of several breads and the cookies and pastries are amazing.
Scott Cole 12/26/19 — google
We love going to this store. Jeff is an awesome owner who makes everyone feel welcome. They have the best bread and cookies. My company always uses them for our holiday gifts. We get the bread baskets and he is very accommodating.
lee clark 12/20/19 — google
They don't have the biggest selection of items, but the quality is very good. And the coffee is solidly middle of the road, in a good way.
Jacob Fonnesbeck 11/23/19 — google
Great bread products. Delicious. But.. even better customer service.
William Bruce VanderToolen 11/20/19 — google
Good bread they for sure know how to rise to the occasion
Mike Pettingill 11/7/19 — google
Fantastic bread. Learned about it in MA and was so excited to find it here too
Dan Mendelsohn 10/23/19 — google
Great place for real bread! Sometimes it's a bit dry is all. Such a nice young woman serving us. Hubby loves getting his free slice.
Robyn Bryson 09/30/19 — google
Always great breads and sandwiches. Love the free slice. My favorite is the cinnamon swirl with butter and honey.
Bob Grange 09/27/19 — google
Love them
Jeff Smith 09/19/19 — google
The bread is so good - I've never had a bad slice. I haven't tried any of their sweets yet but I hope to soon. The workers are always very friendly. I've been going here for years.
Alicia Jones 08/30/19 — google
Delicious breads!
Scott Conder 08/20/19 — google
Everything is yummie.
Robert Tew 08/16/19 — google
Love the bread!!
Ashlee Parson 08/3/19 — google
Love love absolutely love this place and all of their food all of the staff is so sweet always willing to help always laughing always fun to be there go check them out they have awesome stuff for little kids to do while you're there as well
Zach Miller 08/2/19 — google
Great bread and sweets. Kind and helpful staff.
JaNae Briggs 07/20/19 — google
Great cinnamon burst bread
Zach E 07/12/19 — google
Fantastic bread, like always!
Alishia Saunders 06/28/19 — google
Can't go wrong with some cinnamon bread and a keva for breakfast!
Riggin 06/14/19 — google
Yummy!!! And fun to have Keva Juice next door. Warm bread + a good smoothie = the perfect meal.
Annie Vriens 05/25/19 — google
Best bread
Cory Sumsion 05/23/19 — google
I love this place! I would spend all my money here if I could, especially since it's right next to kiva juice
Trevor Smith 05/23/19 — google
The bread is delicious! The one downside is that they don't swipe cards for anything less than a dollar, and a slice of bread is 75c. So if you're not a cash carrier like myself, it can be a little frustrating to have to buy two slices, or a slice and something else. Also, they really need tap and pay!
Analia Ross 05/14/19 — google
Happy positive workers. Delicious yummy bread. The only sad 🐼 time is if you want cinnamon burst bread, you have to wait till after 10 am.
Ryan 05/9/19 — google
Fantastic American Bakery! Delicious Breads at a good price.
damon hooker 05/3/19 — google
Great tasting muffins! We were early, and they opened up for us at 6:19am.
Tim Shinn 04/23/19 — google
Great bread and service
Arley Jarman 04/20/19 — google