Great Harvest Bread of Park City


I placed an online order for breakfast. It was still hot when we picked it up. We ordered sliders, French toast, pancakes and a panini. It was all delicious. We also picked up some sweet rolls. This is a very nice Great Harvest. They had two people working the registers and although there was a line it went by quick.
Laura Taylor 01/13/23 — google
As soon as you walk in you can smell the baked goodies! We ordered sandwiches I got the vegetarian sandwich , and my boyfriend got the turkey sandwich, it was delicious and great wonderful bread choices. The girls behind the counter were very friendly and my goodness the choices of baked goodies cinnamon rolls cookies we even got some granola trail mix to take with us to snack on ended up getting oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and I got a blondie bar with dark chocolate on top it was the best! I love the nice selection of cookies and everything they have each day they have a different cookie or baked treat!
Kimmy Bee 08/18/22 — google
It's always a pleasure stopping in to Great Harvest. The smell of fresh bread is reason enough. Earlier this week I stopped in for a sandwich and the young man at the counter was very helpful. One of my favorite places to eat. 10/10 :)
KelseyAnn Mealey 08/1/22 — google
BLT was delicious. We got cinnamon rolls for tomorrow. Can't wait.
Cindy Kelley 07/16/22 — google
We always look forward to stopping by when we’re in town. Still the best bread around. I want to give it 5 stars but the selection is hit or miss. Had a frosted blueberry scone yesterday that left me feeling disappointed. The glazing was too heavy and couldn’t hardly taste the scone. We still bought a loaf of white and another cinnaburst.
Dennis Peery 07/13/22 — google
I've been craving a fresh sandwich for weeks now and the Iron Horse roast beef hit the spot. The wheat bread is some.of the softest and tastiest bread I've ever had from a small bakery. I took six cinnamon rolls with me to share at my other job and they were so delicious 🙂 Definitely stop in for a sandwich and coffee if you're in the area. My days off are so limited since I work so much, vut on my next day off I will definitely be back!!!
Steve Carter 01/4/22 — google
Great sandwiches
Linda Fournier 11/22/21 — google
Good sandwiches for lunch asking with great breads and treats
Chris Braun 10/7/21 — google
The soup is great! Great staff and great experience every time I stop in!
Chosen Creative 07/17/21 — google
Stopped in for Coffee and breakfast. The sticky bun and muffins were amazing! The owner was super friendly and gave us some great travel suggestions.
Dan Kelley 06/27/21 — google
Excellent and fresh baked good with wonderful, friendly service!
Ryan and Heather Eddy 05/12/21 — google
Always fresh!
Cheryl Nelsen 04/15/21 — google
We enjoy buying bread and eating lunch here when we visit PC. It’s a treat that we don’t get to enjoy back home. Love their sandwiches👍
Marshall Sommers 09/9/20 — google
I pop into this bakery hoping it would be as good as a British bakery. Their scones are amazing as well as there cinnamon Buns. I am really happy I found this place :)
Jeanette 09/8/20 — google
Nice place to get fresh bakery and amazing coffee. Very friendly staff
Kostas Puskepanis 02/1/20 — google
Savannah bars are favorite here
Jeevan Varma Anga 10/14/19 — google
Experienced the best costumer service! Melinda was the most genuine and made our experience memorable. The bread is absolutely perfect! Great Harvest gives warm samples. This particular location holds their name to the highest standards.
A Lessard 05/13/19 — google
Great cafe and bread. Seating available. Saturdays you must come early because they sell out of popular items well before closing time. Friendly service. There's a wait during busy times. Best source of whole wheat breads (except on Saturdays).
Glenn Ricart 12/9/18 — google
Great fresh food.
tom lott 05/31/18 — google
Went in this morning for a loaf of bread, coffee and sandwiches, and loved it all except, the customer service experience. The lady working in the front was very unpleasant from beginning to end, she literally quote on quote hand me our sandwiches and said "here, theses are very messy," and walked away. We ordered the hot turkey sandwich and even though she did a poor job making it, it tasted better than it looked, at the end I walked over to ask for a to go box, she looked at me and continued with what she was doing until a young girl working in the back quickly responded when she realized we weren't being helped. There was very little effort put into our food and the minimal amount of ok service, however the help from the girl in the back was what made up for the unpleasant experience. The prices aren't cheap and would expect better service from all staff.
Laura Hernandez 11/6/17 — google
Love this place. Food and smoothies were great. Good casual vibe and service. Ideal healthy options. We'll be back! Maybe even tomorrow 😉
Sharon Kelly 08/10/17 — google
Aussie owned cafe that seriously delivers on both food and more importantly coffee! Everything from smashed avo and poached egg on toast to açai bowls and a fantastic setting.
Tristan Cameron 02/26/17 — google
Delicious soup and sandwiches are fresh. Lots of sweets and lots of honey, lots of fresh bread. Great for lunch! Half sandwich comes with potato chips.
Cynthia Ashton 10/29/16 — google
Great bread.
Jared Lundholm 08/13/16 — google
Fresh bread makes for great sandwiches.
Andy Barraco 06/17/16 — google
Looking for delicious breakfast pastries? This place is great! I recommend the cinnamon rolls, they are huge and they just melt in your mouth.
Maguire Ward 05/14/16 — google
The sandwitches my wife and I had for lunch today were awesome!
td embry 02/2/16 — google
Mostly a bakery making usually 5-6 kinds of bread on any given day. Also serves sandwiches and one or two soups a day. Sandwiches are good and the bread is great. They always offer sample slices of bread to try before buying. A few sweet items are also available but the main business is bread.
Peter Lynch 01/23/16 — google
The sandwich with pesto, mozzarella, onion, and tomato is the best. Get a slice of Pumpkin Chocolate chip bread off the board while you wait.
Emma Reuling 12/31/69 — foursquare
Turtle Bars, Cinnamon Cakes,Calzones are fantastic. Pleasant service as well.
Rohan 12/31/69 — foursquare
Great soup and sandwiches for lunch. Be sure to try and buy cinnaburst bread!
Alan Christensen 12/31/69 — foursquare