Great Harvest Bread of South Jordan


They gave me free bread.
David Smith 05/21/24 — google
Great bread
Jeff Walston 04/4/24 — google
This whole mall is facing the wrong way.
Atley Dohmen 03/7/24 — google
It's one of the best places ever to get your bread fix. The staff is incredible
Linda Auger 01/25/24 — google
They are always so nice too my daughter here! And the bread is next level!! My kid starting dancing to the music playing and they all smiled and danced with her it was so sweet definitely will be coming back for bread and fun!
The Hoodlum turned Gamer “Matty” Nerd-ology 11/4/23 — google
Love this place! Fantastic food with reasonable prices.
Kyle Varga 09/24/23 — google
We've loved Great Harvest breads for nearly 3 decades now. Sadly, our favorite breads have been discontinued or are rarely offered anymore. This weekend I went in for sugar cookies for Father's Day. In a word, terrible. They were more like a yellow cake lump with extreme amounts of frosting. When I spend nearly $20 for cookies, I expect cookies. The Valentine's ones were fantastic. I find Great Harvest lacking consistency.
Miki Hone 06/19/23 — google
I loved my bird salad an black coffee. I will go again .Thank you🙌💫
Lourdes Correia de Martinho 04/21/23 — google
Great sandwich
Mark Westover 04/15/23 — google
I have been going to this Great Harvest virtually since it opened. I am a regular and they always treat me and my kids so wonderfully. They are generous, friendly, and have made my kids feel welcome. My kids look forward to coming to Great Harvest knowing they will be treated with great service and enjoy a fabulous sample every time. Natalie and Jason (the owners) always take time to say hello.
Emily Taylor 03/22/23 — google
It's a bit out of the way for me, but the store closer does not make the low carb bread, which is amazing!
Cindy Nielson 02/28/23 — google
Delicious veggie sandwich
Shauna Hansen 02/27/23 — google
Excellent bread Help is great
Ron Leibel 02/15/23 — google
Bread so good, im surprise they dont do gluten free bread, that an idea hahaha i want a cut i can show you haw to do gluten free 🤣
jose caceres 12/24/22 — google
Best Rolls Ever! They also do really yummy salads, sandwiches, and treats. I love that they offer samples of their breads and treats with every visit. Even during Covid they made it possible to give samples. And try their Stuffing Bread! It is AMAZING!. . . . #freshrolls #Utah #lifeelevated #wholegrain #bestrolls #breads #rolls #salad #sandwiches #giftbaskets #freesamples #smellsamazing #thismustbeheaven
Gretchen Hawkins 11/20/22 — google
Honestly the nicest place.the employees are always going the extra mile for customers. I love coming here!
Maryn Christensen 11/8/22 — google
Love the bread
Matt Kinzer 11/5/22 — google
Their products are delicious
Geraldine Meyer 10/24/22 — google
Great sandwiches here highly recommend. Oh and their bread is great too.
Curtis P 09/23/22 — google
Great food and customer service!
SVT 09/19/22 — google
Yummy breads and very nice employees!
Becky Christensen 09/16/22 — google
I love that I can get the best bread here and they are now less than what I was paying at the grocery store. Customer service always great too!
Kevin W 09/8/22 — google
Fresh bread
marty derrick 08/10/22 — google
Best Place to Eat!!! Great customer service and great products. Highly recommend sandwiches and all products.
Andrew Pennock 07/18/22 — google
Amazing sandwiches and breads and really nice people.
Beau Braswell 06/23/22 — google
The cinnamon rolls are AMAZING 🤩
T C 06/9/22 — google
Great sandwiches, desserts, and friendly staff. Thanks for making our first visit to your eatery an excellent one!
A M S 06/2/22 — google
Love this place
Israel Rodriguez 03/19/22 — google
Was looking for a new breakfast option. Stopped by and grabbed a 'build your own' breakfast sandwich. I was pleasantly surprised. The food was very good and definitely hit the spot. I will be going back again for breakfast soon!
Michael Bunnell 11/16/21 — google
Great bread, sub par sandwiches
Amber Vanderlinden 11/11/21 — google
Excellent sandwiches.
Jill Bridge 10/30/21 — google
$9.50 for a full sandwich- no chips, no drink, no cookie… if you want a sandwich with really good bread, ok. If you wanna be smarter than me with $10 lunch budget- not the best choice. Updated: Owner replied full sandwich is$7.95, thank you. Then maybe I got overcharged or didn’t get the rest of my meal?
Adrian Bryce 10/27/21 — google
Great experience each time. Offered to carry my bag to the car because I was carrying my baby. So helpful!
Hailey Teo 10/22/21 — google
Great bread.
Travis Stensrud 08/31/21 — google
Employes so nice,friendly ,helpful. Smiles great sandwich I had and that I order is so good,not skimpy on ingredients ..lots to buy and enjoy at home.cinnamon buns are a favorite..never disappointed ...
Kaye Callahan 08/26/21 — google
Amazing 👏
Miggy Crypto 08/14/21 — google
I love this place! My whole family does! I always get a great harvest club with potato chips. Amazing every time! I have also tried their classic turkey and cranberry turkey. Both were tasty! I just wish their online ordering had great harvest club listed, as I like to place orders online, but there are other ways for me to order it.
Cierra Laumua 08/12/21 — google
The breads are amazing!
m wielang 08/11/21 — google
Best sandwiches ever!
Marnie Thorpe 07/10/21 — google
Always great bread!!
Mauricio Muñoz 07/1/21 — google
Fresh bread never tasted so good!
T. R. 04/13/21 — google
Their raspberry scones and snickerdoodles are SO GOOD!
Sara Armstrong 01/9/21 — google
Friendliest staff and great prices for fresh breads and cookies. ❤
DEANNA ALATINI 12/27/20 — google
Fresh, deliciois bread close to home. A good to for the best breads!
Dallin Stoll 12/17/20 — google
Always super friendly! We love love the cinnamon burst bread!! Samples are the best!
Kimberly Navratil 12/4/20 — google
I love everything! The cobb salad is delicious
Melonie Carson 09/18/20 — google
Great food amazing service
Alison Warenski 07/1/20 — google
Delicious “egg-in-a-frame” breakfast sandwich! A family favorite at home that Is never seen in sandwich form. You gotta try it!
Andy H 06/27/20 — google
Such a great salad! I will be back.
Cari Jorgensen 05/28/20 — google
Great bread
D B 05/16/20 — google
My mother and i came in with my baby, and With everything going on, I had asked if they could wipe down the table since i was with my baby. I started with, “I’m so sorry, can I be really annoying, and ask for my table to be wiped down?” And they were more than pleased to do so and said it wasn’t annoying to ask, and they would be happy to do so. It made me feel really good and safe. I know my health and my babies health is important to them. 5 starts and more for them! The manager was also super nice and engaged with us and seemed more like a friend then an employee. Thank you!
Aimmie Redston 05/15/20 — google
I have always been happy with this location. The food is aways fresh and the staff friendly and helpful. They have worked hard to continue service during this difficult time with the virus. Today we ordered delivery and one of our sandwiches was missing. When I called the woman who helped me was so apologetic and offered to have the sandwich made and delivered quickly. When the sandwich came there were some other items and a gift card included, which I did not expect. Thank you for all your hard work. This was not necessary but very much appreciated. Keep up the great work and stay safe.
Marion Eck 04/20/20 — google
Good Sandwich and great Pull apart bread, at least my wife said it was good. She didn't save me any lol.
Brian Boehmer 03/10/20 — google
Delicious foods, nice staff. Check ahead to make sure they have what you want, I went to grab something without knowing they only baked it on Fridays.
Cole Nebeker 02/5/20 — google
Travel Outdoors 01/20/20 — google
Fast, polite and delicious service. Easily the best cinnamon rolls and snickerdoodle cookies I have ever had. Will definitely come again when I’m here again
Lasinthas 01/13/20 — google
Pumpkin bread is the best
Kami Huntsman 01/4/20 — google
Those sugar cookies are ridiculous (which is to say gloriously delightful)!
Todd Jensen 11/3/19 — google
Good bread, and sticks
Mike Bailey 10/31/19 — google
Had the breakfast sandwich
Denice Augustus 10/26/19 — google