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Benefits of Box Lunch Catering

Posted on Apr 21st 2017


Benefits of Box Lunch Catering

Providing employees or attendees of any meeting with a delicious meal beforehand can promote a cohesive and receptive atmosphere. In addition to traditional catering, Great Harvest Utah offers box lunch catering. Box lunches are an effective way to feed groups of people (both small and large) quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality and satisfaction when it comes to what is being served.

Time Efficient Catering

Buffet style catered events can eat up crucial time in meetings as employees or participants will have to wait in line, select their food, talk, eat and finish their meals at differing times. Catering buffet style events has it’s benefits if time can be scheduled into an event for a more relaxed mealtime. However if you are crunched for time, it can become somewhat chaotic and more difficult to gain the attention of a group of people in this setting.

The secret to a productive lunch or breakfast meeting is organization. A box lunch is made up beforehand and easily distributed, cutting down on the amount of time spent getting ready for the meeting and capitalizing on the time you have to get through your agenda.

Quality Box Lunch Meals that Impress

Impress your clients or staff members with a Great Harvest box lunch. Our bread and sweets are made from fresh ingredients, daily. Our array of box lunches are warm, welcoming and delicious. We guarantee it. A box lunch includes a quality salad or gourmet sandwich made with your choice of our signature variety breads, chips and one of our famous giant homemade cookies.

Breakfast in a Box Catering

Want to start the day off right with a catered breakfast meeting? Great Harvest will rise early to roll out our scrumptious baked goods from scratch. Is there anything more motivating in the morning than freshly baked cinnamon rolls, muffins, English tea scones or cake breads?

We provide breakfast in a box for your convenience that can be customized with our amazing fresh coffee, apple or orange juice, a cup of yogurt and granola. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which is why we only use only fresh, quality ingredients when preparing yours.

Benefits of Box Lunch Catering:

  • Box Meals to Fit Your Budget- we offer customized catered lunch options to fit any budget.

  • We Deliver you have enough to worry about when organizing a meeting, all you need to do for a perfect lunch meeting is to order and wait for your gourmet lunch to arrive.

  • Delicious Food-  made from scratch daily, you can’t go wrong with a fresh, gourmet Great Harvest meal!

  • Easy Ordering- our online portal is easy to use, ordering food for your next event can take only a few moments!

When you are planning your next event contact Great Harvest. You can rest assured that you will receive only the best quality in box lunch catering that will leave those attending your meeting full, satisfied and primed to focus on the agenda at hand.