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Great Harvest Utah

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Great Harvest Utah is your whole grain bakery headquarters in Utah. From milling our own wheat daily in our Utah bakeries to creating beautiful gift baskets, our passion for phenomenal baked goods is the reason for everything we do. Come by one of our Utah bakery locations soon for a free slice of fresh bread! Enjoy the enticing aroma and warm surroundings of your Utah neighborhood Great Harvest Bread Co.

The secret to making phenomenal bread is in the wheat kernels. We know where every kernel comes from. That's because we have been purchasing our premium whole wheat from family-owned farms for more than 30 years.

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Fresh baked bread Utah
Our Secret

5 Simple Ingredients

Five ingredients are the hallmark of our legendary whole grain breads. Fresh-ground whole wheat flour, water, fresh yeast, salt and Something sweet (usually a local honey). At Great Harvest, we believe bread is best when you keep it simple. It's even better when you use the highest quality ingredients you can find. You can taste and feel the difference.

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Enjoy a slice of our famous breads at our award winning Great Harvest Bread Utah, because it tastes so good!

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Choose from our yummy selection of Signature Sandwiches. Fresh bread makes ALL the difference!

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Our bakery breakfast catering arrangements are always warm and welcoming, no matter what season. Try Great Harvest Bread Utah, for your next breakfast catering event!

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Our Great Harvest Bread Utah bakery offers the perfect alternative to fast food with our delicious breads and fresh salads made daily!

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Our Great Harvest Bread Utah, Utah bakery offers some of the most healthy, and tasty treats around. Come in to see our daily treat schedules!

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When you need to meet with your clients or encourage your employees, think fresh and think Great Harvest Bread Utah, for your next event's lunch catering! Our hand made lunch arrangements are always warm and welcoming, no matter what season.

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Gift Baskets

When you need to thank your clients or encourage your employees, think fresh and think Great Harvest Bread Utah, gift baskets! Our hand crafted arrangements are always warm and welcoming, no matter what season.

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Every season we offer a few fun treats to help create tradition with your family and friends. Any of these items can be made at any time during the year with a minimum order of 6 and at least 48 hours advanced notice.

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I love that they offer you a sample with your purchase. Such delicious bread, sandwiches, and salads!
— Misty Workman, Posted January 31st 2020 on Google
The best Great Harvest location that I have been to! Great owners, friendly staff and great food!
— Rick Ikegami, Posted January 27th 2020 on Google
Yummy 😋
— Daniel Younger, Posted January 22nd 2020 on Google
Amazing! Little pricey but super good!
— Emily Valdez, Posted January 14th 2020 on Google
"Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself". This place is AMAZING!! The bakery is always clean and the staff feels like family. I've been going here now for years as it's by my work. I can say I go here at least once a week. I love their salads!! They come in half size and whole. The amazing sandwiches as well. Don't get m...
— Shera Bright, Posted January 14th 2020 on Google
Love their pumpkin bread and rolls. They always have large variety to choose from.
— Kami Huntsman, Posted January 13th 2020 on Google
Great lunch!!
— Lisa Anthony, Posted January 11th 2020 on Google
The absolute best bread and sandwiches.
— Mike Hodgson, Posted January 8th 2020 on Google
I like their points/rewards program..super easy!!!. I don't have to remember coupons or anything. Just my phone number. I get rewarded almost evertime!!!❤️
— Lynisa Peck, Posted January 5th 2020 on Google
3 words: Cinnamon. Chip. Bread.

I got one of these as a Christmas gift, and I swear, I must have devoured half of the loaf in one sitting, lol.

It was realiy moist, perfectly sweetened and overall delicious.

I highly recommend that you buy/try one.

You don't be disappointed!
— Heather H., Posted January 5th 2020 on Yelp
Great harvest is definitely one of my top choices for Saturday lunch right after the gym. We typically get a salad & sandwich to share & the portions are a good size. The food tastes so fresh & you leave feeling satisfied. I love that they do the samples of slices of bread before you get your meal. I've seen them get d...
— Lexi W., Posted January 4th 2020 on Yelp