The Benefits of Eating a Nutritious Lunch

Posted on Oct 18th 2018


The Benefits of Eating a Nutritious Lunch

Lunch is perhaps the most neglected meal of the day. It's hard to stop the momentum of the day and sit down to more than a quick granola bar, and many people don't make room for lunch at all. But this isn't a healthy habit to develop. Here are some benefits of eating a nutritious lunch, brought to you by our lunch catering services.

Gives You Energy

Our bodies get their energy from the food we eat, so skimping on or skipping your midday meal means that your body has less energy to keep you going until dinner. Eating a nutritious lunch raises your blood sugar, gives you stamina, and helps you keep your focus up for the rest of the afternoon. No one wants to experience a mid-afternoon crash!

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Provides Important Nutrients

Food doesn't just provide our bodies with energy, it also gives us key nutrients that our bodies crave. This is especially important for children. A healthy lunch is where they get a large amount of vitamins and nutrients they need throughout the day, and missing out on that could cause their physical and mental development to deteriorate.

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Eat Less at Night

Skipping lunch leaves you starving by the time you leave work or school. This usually leads to binge eating an oversized dinner or making unhealthy eating choices such as grabbing a bite from the nearest drive-thru instead of eating healthy meal. Taking the time to eat a nutritious and satisfying lunch will make dinner-time less frantic and leave you feeling fuller for longer.

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Prevents Weight Gain

Many people go about trying to lose weight by skipping lunch, but this can actually have the opposite outcome. As said above, when you don't eat lunch you tend to overeat come dinner-time to compensate for going throughout the day without food. This leads to unwanted weight gain even though you feel like you're not eating as much as you would normally.

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Puts You in a Better Mood

Taking time out of your day to eat a nutritious lunch means you won't be hungry and worn down throughout the day, so you'll have a better, more productive day. You can also sit down with friends or co-workers for a fun hour and build relationships. Taking a break from the stress of the day helps you come back feeling more refreshed and satisfied.

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Odds are you've been told at some point in your life that you shouldn't skip lunch, and it's absolutely advice that you should listen to. Eating a healthy lunch has numerous benefits that your body will thank you for. At Great Harvest, we offer a variety of nutritious lunch items such as signature sandwiches and grilled sandwiches and box lunch catering that will satisfy your hunger. Contact us today to learn more about our lunch menu and catering options.