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New Great Harvest Bread Co. Website!

Posted on Mar 16th 2017


New Great Harvest Bread Co. Website!

At Great Harvest, we are excited to announce the launch of our new mobile-friendly site. Some of our cool new features include:

Easier to Find our 12 Locations:

Located throughout the Utah Valley, we have 12 different locations which are now more easy to access. Under our "Locations" tab, you will find each location broken out along with information and their individual websites where you will find their menus, prices and catering options!

Great Harvest Locations

Individual websites for EACH of our locations

Each of our 12 Utah locations are broken out into their own sites for easy access to information such as location pricing, menu and catering options and the current specials going on. To find the location nearest you, simply go to our “Locations” tab!

Great Harvest Bread Company

Online Ordering

With our locations having online ordering options, this makes it more convenient for YOU to get all of our tasty options at your fingertips even faster. Not only that, it makes it that much easier to book us for your next event that needs catering.

Great Harvest Online Ordering

“Specials” Section

All of our locations have certain specials that they run at certain times. One of our most popular specials are our specialized season and holiday selections! With each Holiday, we have a wide variety of daily baked breads, fresh cookies and treats.

Great Harvest Specials