Spring Salad Trends

Posted on May 22nd 2018


Spring Salad Trends

The sun is shining, the weather is warming up, and fresh salads are once again in high demand. But don't just resort to making the same old basic salad. Try some of these delicious trends to mix up your next Spring salad.

Fruit Salads

Nothing says Springtime-fresh like juicy fruit salads. Fresh fruit adds a whole new dimension to your salad. Strawberries, blueberries, mangos, avocados, oranges, blackberries; the list of delightful additions to your next salad goes on and on. Fruit salads are the perfect refreshing, healthy treat to add to your spring menu. And make sure to get the best out of your fruit salads by buying fresh seasonal fruit from your local farms, markets, or grocery stores. These will have the best flavor and texture, and have a longer shelf life.

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Use Protein

Salads can be an enjoyable and healthy meal option, but oftentimes they fall short on one important aspect: protein count. So how can you squeeze in the protein without having to rely on the basic grilled chicken or salmon? Use thicker dressings and choose greens with a high protein count, throw in chia seeds and chickpeas, try different seafoods like shrimp and sardines, embrace green beans and nuts, or go crazy and add a few eggs. Adding protein to your salads will make it an even healthier and well-balanced meal.

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Sans Lettuce

The typical foundation for salads is lettuce, but lately the options for your salad base have been growing. If you're not a huge lettuce fan, or you're simply getting a bit bored of it, you can get creative. Try a base of noodles, fruits, beans, quinoa, or a veggie assortment. Play with flavor and texture combinations while still keeping your salad recipes just as healthy and appetizing!

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Add Grains

Grains make a yummy and unique salad base. Whole grains are a fantastic addition to salads because they pair perfectly with stronger flavors, neither overpowering or under-powering, but finding a perfect balance of taste and texture that brings the best out of your other ingredients. Many grains are also gluten-free and naturally rich in fiber and protein. Add quinoa (a very popular grain choice as of late), barley, buckwheat, farro, wheat berry, whole grain croutons, and more to add a little variety to the traditional salad.

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Don't fall into a salad rut this Spring: try some of these fun ideas to make your recipes shine this spring. Have fun and be creative! If you don't have the time to make one yourself, come down to Great Harvest and choose from our selection of delicious salads just in time for the Spring!