Great Harvest


Love stopping at this place is awesome
Tana Bailey 02/6/23 — google
(Translated by Google) Thanks AF! (Original) Dank AF!
Travis Mortensen 02/3/23 — google
Great! Like always.
Norm Goltra 01/31/23 — google
I ordered a Classic Turkey sandwich & a brownie thru UberEats, & I absolutely LOVED it! I like how I was able to customize the toppings of my sandwich, which is a necessity for me since I'm autistic. There was just the right amount of mayo, the turkey was moist, & the lettuce was wonderfully crisp! And The Brownie - fudgy, chocolatey, & surprisingly MASSIVE!! Thank you very much for a first-rate lunch!
Owlix J 01/27/23 — google
We love this bakery and sandwich shop. Everyone is very professional, friendly and helpful. The breads and other baked goods are outstanding and the sandwiches are mouth-watering ♡♡♡
Lucy Harris 01/24/23 — google
The bread is pricey but extremely good
Kevin Marker 01/17/23 — google
I placed an online order for breakfast. It was still hot when we picked it up. We ordered sliders, French toast, pancakes and a panini. It was all delicious. We also picked up some sweet rolls. This is a very nice Great Harvest. They had two people working the registers and although there was a line it went by quick.
Laura Taylor 01/13/23 — google
Always good
Melanie Williams 01/11/23 — google
Amazing place, great price, and spectacular food. Their cinnamon rolls are out of this world and each time I go they push me further and further away from my dream of being a swimsuit model. Worth it. And believe it or not, the customer service was better than the food. Shout out to Hallie who we could tell actually cared about the what the Great Harvest brand stands for and who wasn't just cared about making sales and pumping out food like the guys over at Kneaders. We walked in and she made us feel like we had been friends for months. You can't teach that. 4 of the 5 stars go to the fact that they were smart enough to employ a worker like Hallie. Whoever her boss is, if you happen to peep this review, please give her a raise. Not for her sake but for yours. You definitely want her to stick around.
Ammon Hasson 01/9/23 — google
I loved the bread the sandwich was out of this world ..I can't wait to go get another sandwich ...
micheal “SHELLY” flick 01/8/23 — google
Nice environment and quality breads
Ken Schaecher 01/8/23 — google
First off Lydia was amazing. Her customer service skills are impressive She made sure we were comfortable while placing our order. Due to Covid we have not been to Great Harvest for some time. How nice it is to come back. Our sandwiches were delicious just as we remember. Pastries are delightful. The place is so clean. It is employees like Lydia that give this location the fine reputation it deserves. Thank you! 👍
Peggy Long 01/7/23 — google
Notice you won't find bread that even weighs 2 lbs at the grocery store. Quality bread and baked goods, and yummy sandwiches! Good service too!
Josh Childs (Glip glop) 01/5/23 — google
Food was fresh, service was slow
Calascova 01/2/23 — google
Great bread and muffins
Amber Walker 12/26/22 — google
Bread so good, im surprise they dont do gluten free bread, that an idea hahaha i want a cut i can show you haw to do gluten free 🤣
jose caceres 12/24/22 — google
Great service and even better treats!
Quincee Kingston 12/22/22 — google
Friendliest Staff anywhere. Yummy goodies made with care.
Jeri King 12/20/22 — google
Great place, such nice people super helpful too
Bentley Scarbrough 12/16/22 — google
Amazing Customer service, fun Christmas gifts!
Veronica Moore 12/13/22 — google
If you like bread and treats this is the right place!
Gus Schoen 12/13/22 — google
Grilled turkey and Pesto is top notch !!
Ash Montandon 12/9/22 — google
I needed buns for my business and they were very professional. I am a very happy customer. I definitely recommend them. They matched the buns I use. Thank you so much, Garret Smith with Burger Pioneers.
•MoonLuxe• 12/9/22 — google
the workers were so friendly, kind, and helpful!! Their kindness put me in a better mood!
Paulina Dryden 12/6/22 — google
Excellent place for soup, sandwiches and other baked goods. This is definitely one of my favorite lunch spots.
Computer Guy 12/2/22 — google
The guy behind the counter was so quick and kind to us. Very courteous, and the bread was very fresh!
Vocaloid_Victrix 11/30/22 — google
Great bread, great cookies. Nice location. Love to come here.
Jeremy Griffin 11/29/22 — google
I absolutely love their breads. This location is just off the freeway making it convenient. It is so delightful to go in and it is a cute store. It is my second favorite store. Their bread is always delicious and fresh. I love that my daughter can eat it without a problem due to her food allergies.
Tatiana Grant 11/25/22 — google
This great harvest will have you coming out feeling wonderful and important! Love this place and love the lady with the sassy glasses!
VICTORIA MARTINEZ 11/22/22 — google
Best Rolls Ever! They also do really yummy salads, sandwiches, and treats. I love that they offer samples of their breads and treats with every visit. Even during Covid they made it possible to give samples. And try their Stuffing Bread! It is AMAZING!. . . . #freshrolls #Utah #lifeelevated #wholegrain #bestrolls #breads #rolls #salad #sandwiches #giftbaskets #freesamples #smellsamazing #thismustbeheaven
Gretchen Hawkins 11/20/22 — google
Honestly the nicest place.the employees are always going the extra mile for customers. I love coming here!
Maryn Christensen 11/8/22 — google
What started out as a terrible experience, completely turned around. I made an online order for a dozen cinnamon rolls for my daughter's birthday. When I arrived to pick them up, I got blank stares. The kids said they were just closers and didn't do any baking or know what to do. I asked if they could refund me so I could go figure something else out at that point (since my party was starting in 30 min) and I got more blank stares. After more excuses and deflection of responsibility, I finally had to tell them to take my info and have their manager call me. Thankfully, my order was refunded the next day, and when they opened first thing Monday morning, the owner personally called me to apologize. He explained he has an entirely new team but that was still no excuse to not be taken care of. He reassured me of his efforts to better train his new team. Then he said he made 12 cinnamon rolls for me and hand delivered them. Then he went above and beyond by adding a gift card to the package he delivered. I am so thoroughly impressed and grateful for this experience. I know Joe is doing a wonderful job with this store. I originally thought I'd never want to go back, but now I want to go back and support as much as I can. Thank you Joe!
Nicole Ballantyne 11/7/22 — google
Excellent customer service! And delicious food of course. Love their orange cinnamon rolls
Owen Laurie 11/7/22 — google
Always friendly and the food is great. All breads and some desserts, soups, and salads. They have great gift baskets for all occasions.
Upper Shelf 11/7/22 — google
This visit was so refreshing to be served with a smile from the young man that took my order, The baker ,manager and the entire staff . Thank you .
Todd Burt 11/6/22 — google
Love the bread
Matt Kinzer 11/5/22 — google
Jo and her team have created an amazing atmosphere! Friendly, helpful, warm, and kind they make the customer feel like family and they go above and beyond to serve their customers
Drew Kimball 11/2/22 — google
They carry the best frosted sugar cookie on earth! Highly recommend. Service is excellent and FRIENDLY, but not time-consuming.
Bonnie Baxter 10/25/22 — google
Friendly staff and great priced sandwiches for what you get. Desserts are to die for and reasonably priced as well. Great experiences multiple times I have visited them
Noah Jorgensen 10/24/22 — google
Their products are delicious
Geraldine Meyer 10/24/22 — google
Everthing is baked daily. The cinnamon rolls are average but the bread is incredible, very fresh and moist.
Bob Larsen 10/24/22 — google
Awesome Service and Bread!
Mark Anderson 10/22/22 — google
Had an amazing experience at this Great Harvest! I had a special request for my wife’s birthday and they were totally willing to help me out and get everything arranged! Such a helpful staff and amazing customer service!
Erik Ishimatsu 10/21/22 — google
Great place for for bread and cookies and such. They also make great sandwiches and have drinks. Also take the opportunity to sample the different breads they make. I enjoy a fresh hot slice smothered in butter once in awhile. Pop in a give them a try. My favorite is the Honey Whole Wheat.
Drew Hyer 10/21/22 — google
Stopped there for lunch. Had a cranberry turkey sandwich on sourdough bread. It was perfectly delicious!
Mary Capizzi 10/19/22 — google
This Patio is amazing and so underrated as well as unused. Logan City put a lot of time, money into Center Street. This is an amazing place to come in for good sandwiches, , breads and pastries. The friendly staff is just as amazing ! The side patio is quite private. I love this place!
Bart Cutler 10/15/22 — google
Great customer service.
CMH 10/14/22 — google
Fantastic food that's fresh and tastes just like homemade. You need never feel bad about eating here. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies!!
L Peterson 10/13/22 — google
Great food and service!!
Barbi Sparrow 10/12/22 — google
The best bread 🍞 since my mom's! 👍
Daniel Maughan 10/10/22 — google
Always loved their bread. Used to take it back to California when we visited.
Richard Savage 10/8/22 — google
West Jordan harvest bread store have more friendly atmosphere
joe farr 10/1/22 — google
Delicious freshly made breakfast sandwiches! We got Sunrise Sammy and Morning Griddle, both had great flavors. The staff was helpful, kind, and quick! Definitely visiting again!
Madeline DeLucenay 10/1/22 — google
Had their Turkey Bacon Ranch sandwich on Sourdough bread and it was da 💣💥❗️Everything was so fresh. Also every time I come their staff is so friendly, highly recommended
miguel gomez 10/1/22 — google
I had the nicest experience at the Redwood Road Great Harvest in Taylorsville, UT. As always, the food is fantastic, but what cemented my appreciation to GH was a woman named Shi. She saw that I was struggling with my right arm, because I am having a right shoulder replacement in November. She made sure that she packaged my order so that I could carry it, then insisted on taking it to the car for me. She was so delightful that she made a difficult day a good day for me. Thank you, Shi and thank you Great Harvest!
Nikki Peterson 09/29/22 — google
Great sandwich spot and their desserts are so good! The oatmeal choco chip is my favorite.
Nicole 09/27/22 — google
Just not the same as it used to be. Bread is still good but the fun welcoming atmosphere is gone. No greetings, no fun music, and friendly fun work environment and no samples. Covid ruined it and it doesn't have to be this way. 😪 but that is the way it is now. I don't like it.
John Smith 09/24/22 — google
Fabulous business. Went to get a gift loaf of bread and couldn't believe how many Hi school students lined up for bread samples. What a kind thing to do (day after day free samples). Thx Great Harvest for being a selfless business. We enjoy your tasty baked goods 😋
Kathy King 09/23/22 — google
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09/23/22 — facebook
Great sandwiches here highly recommend. Oh and their bread is great too.
Curtis P 09/23/22 — google