Great Harvest


We love their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We don't go there too often but they do have good treats. We have gone there at all hours and they never seem to be overly crowded. So I believe any time they are open is a good time. However if you are looking for something specific you will want to get there when they open. Otherwise it may be gone when they close.
Casey Swain 06/16/24 — google
Always a great treat when we come to tournaments.
Julia DeBry Andersen 06/14/24 — google
Loooove this place! Everything is delicious, from the sandwiches to loaves of bread. It’s definitely worth the visit just to smell the breads and grab a slice of whatever samples they have. By far the most generous pieces of fresh bread, with lots of butter and honey to top off the samples. Always super kind and friendly, and top tier baked goods!
Hailee H 06/4/24 — google
Everyone is happy and their sugar cookies are so good, the breads are so good for gifts and I love coming here, the best!
Sinde Lowery 05/30/24 — google
Terrific sandwiches bread and much other everything here is Terrific staff is awesome as well
Sean McDonald 05/23/24 — google
They gave me free bread.
David Smith 05/21/24 — google
A neighbor of ours (who doesn’t really know us) did my husband and I a favor, so we decided to buy him a gift bag from Great Harvest to say “thank you.” We were kindly greeted when we entered and asked if we needed any help. When I inquired about gift baskets, they had tons to choose from! We ended up going with a simple loaf of honey wheat bread, raspberry jam, and a stack of snickerdoodle cookies. My husband and I saw a couple of treats that caught our eye, so we bought those too. The gift bag was well received and the neighbor said everything was delicious. My husband and I tried our treats and the raspberry one was to die for! The chocolate peanut butter coconut one (kahuna) was good too, but the raspberry has my heart (I think it’s called the mazerka). If we need another gift bag/basket in the future, we’ll keep Great Harvest in mind.
Jessica L 05/20/24 — google
The food was good but the politics your gay flag and your Black Lives Matters signs have to go .A bread store doesn’t need to be displaying these things. I think there is a time and place for your views this is not one of them.
Kathy Mickelsen 05/4/24 — google
Wow what an amazing place! Definitely worth stopping in!!
Cory Lindsey 05/3/24 — google
We came here by chance and loved the baked goods. We have 2 days in Park City and will be having breakfast here both days. The "queen" amone (I know that is not spelled right) are so good. The breakfast panini was delicious. I would definitely recommend this place. The breakfasts were made to order so everything was hot and feesh.
Christine Yi 05/1/24 — google
Love the breads
Nancy Coggle 04/25/24 — google
I absolutely love their breads. This location is just off the freeway making it convenient. It is so delightful to go in and it is a cute store. It is my second favorite store. Their bread is always delicious and fresh. I love that my daughter can eat it without a problem due to her food allergies.
Tatiana Grant 04/24/24 — google
Andrew is always so friendly every time I stop in! The food is always delicious. Great place to go!
Reanne Lindhorst 04/24/24 — google
Love there half sandwich and soup
terry “Tina” carlson 04/21/24 — google
I think you would get a lot more business if you used door dash or Uber eats! There have been so many times I have been craving pumpkin bread/cream swirl but I don't want to make the effort to go all the way across town for it. Delivery would be amazing! Thank you!
Kayleen Stillman 04/16/24 — google
Pumpkin chocolate chip bread was fantastic but the sugar cookies where very dry.
Jennifer Tuft 04/15/24 — google
Great bread. Great tasting samples 👌
Dirk Pitt 04/10/24 — google
I gotta hand it to you guys. I've ordered the Ruben sandwich and Holy cow I was impressed on how it was going to taste and it better than my grandmother Ruben sandwich. I'll be coming back alot more for now on keep up the good work 50 out of 50 stars
Shawn Flinders 04/10/24 — google
My chicken pecan sandwich was fabulous. The bread is always amazing. The staff is second to none. The music is even wonderful!!!
Robin Steele 04/10/24 — google
The gal at the counter was rude and acted like we were bothering her when asking a question. Even though we were the only ones there at that time. The bread is amazing as always! If there was another store near by, we'd go to another store based solely on how we were treated.
Char Hill 04/9/24 — google
This is an excellent Great Harvest location! While it is perfectly located where plenty of traffic allows people to come, it never feels like it is overwhelmed with too many people where you can sit down and enjoy the home-like atmosphere. The sandwiches are excellent and savory, and their desserts are always a treat you'll want to share with your closest friends. If you've never had their sandwiches, this location is a definite safe spot to try them and you can check out all the options they provide. You can customize plenty if you ask the employees what options are available.
YES • Young Entertainment Specialists 04/9/24 — google
I moved out of the state, but whenever visiting SLC, this is a must stop.
Pedro Leon 04/5/24 — google
Great bread
Jeff Walston 04/4/24 — google
Good sandwich choices. We asked for special order bread and they made it.
Debra Dominski 04/1/24 — google
Awesome breads and cinnamon puffs.
Carmen B 03/30/24 — google
Great baked goods and lunchtime sandwiches. Very friendly staff with a homey feel. Highly recommended. Get these early as the treats sell out fast.
nelson wheeler 03/30/24 — google
Got a carrot cake for Easter. Also, I got a sample of Dakota bread. This was the first time I tried it. So good!
sbaowba 03/29/24 — google
Enjoy stopping an getting a loaf of cheddar garlic bread , all there breads, pasterys sandwiches are Excellent. The people are friendly , an its always clean, bathroomsare as well to..
Sue I. Drechsel 03/29/24 — google
I drop in a couple times a month. Delicious bread! You need to try Cinnaburst and the pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Those are definitely the CLASSICS! But… my FAVORITE thing they make is the Glazed Sugar Cookie. They make them only 1 or 2 times a year, but they are INCREDIBLE!!!😋
Kathryn Butler Movement for life 03/28/24 — google
This has been the greatest experience of my life!! I have never received such great customer anywhere; we were made to feel like a royalty. Our server, an angle named Sophie, was sooooo nice and helpful and made our children feel like she had known them for years. I would highly recommend this place and if you come here ask for Sophie.
Erica Farmer 03/22/24 — google
Great bread and pastries. Great there early as the pastries sell out.
Marco Miconi 03/22/24 — google
They have always been good their bread is delicious they're cinnamon rolls and their cookies are great
Bonnie Chadwick Cullens Newbury 03/17/24 — google
Great bread and cookies
kenny Carr 03/15/24 — google
Best bread in the world
Kenneth Carr 03/15/24 — google
This was such a fun shop to visit. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by displays of yummy breads, desserts, and even soup mixes. There is a small indoor eating area where you can order delicious sandwiches. They also have samples of different breads and desserts. The employees were all very nice, helpful, and friendly. I will definitely be going back.
Connie Anderson 03/13/24 — google
I have loved this place for years there service is so good there employees are so welcoming and helpful. The environment is always clean including there bathroom. And the food is so so so good. I love there sandwiches but i have seriously gotten everything there from the bakery. Sourdough, cinnamon rolls, brownies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, it’s all so good and i’ve never had a problem with them. Everything is labeled very clearly and i love how they have a great selection of items without it being confusing definitely the best place i’ve been to and perfect for a lunch date or some yummy breakfast! And you can’t forget the free slice with a prichard’s definitely the best part makes my day! 🫶
Liv Cottle 03/13/24 — google
Best whole wheat bread anywhere!
Sharon McBride 03/12/24 — google
I wish there was a location in SLC.
Sharon McBride 03/11/24 — google
The employees were amazing. So friendly. So comfortable being there. I couldn't have been in a better place to enjoy breakfast with my lady other than being in our own home.
Eric Christensen (Eric311c) 03/8/24 — google
This whole mall is facing the wrong way.
Atley Dohmen 03/7/24 — google
Great bread, muffins, etc., here! I always enjoy a slice of bread with a Keva juice from next door. However, the "slice" seems to have gotten bigger with time. Last time I was there, a young lady generously gave me a third of a loaf when I asked for a slice. Hmm. That's a bit much. So glad to have a bakery in Bountiful.
Kerry Moore 03/6/24 — google
This place has always been amazing! Love the food.
Cindy Reynolds 02/28/24 — google
Terrific food, great price, friendly service, music is too loud.
Ellen Cooper 02/27/24 — google
The service was great! The owner opened up shop 12 years ago and made me a great panini and coffee. I bought a lot of bread that look delicious. They have dog treats and lots of options! Joe was incredibly kind.
Dakota Brackin 02/21/24 — google
Amazing bread. Also has sandwiches and pastries. They have a great mix of sweet and savory options!
Alyssa 02/19/24 — google
Always yummy food. Great staff. And Josh is the best!! Hidden secret!! Glad we found it.
Ralph Adams 02/14/24 — google
Great and friendly service
James Bowers 02/13/24 — google
Always treated with a smile 😃
John Jones 02/12/24 — google
One of my favorite places to eat in Logan!! There’s nothing bad here! Cookies, brownies, muffins, (heavenly) sandwiches, and the list goes on! Plus free bread slice, what’s not to like about that!? The sourdough bread is my favorite, and close to the best sourdough bread I’ve ever had!(second only to my grandpas) definitely would recommend the restaurant and the SOURDOUGH!!!
James Grunig 02/3/24 — google
Excellent food at a fair price. We love having lunch here. The staff is always considerate, the food is always fresh and they even have pebble ice for your drink.
Jaren Blake 01/25/24 — google
It's one of the best places ever to get your bread fix. The staff is incredible
Linda Auger 01/25/24 — google
Scotcharoos are AMAZING.
Meghan Smith 01/23/24 — google
I always get a loaf and a slice or two when I'm in town. Im in Heaven for a week.
Rich Passey 01/18/24 — google
I LOVE great harvest. They have the BEST bread baked fresh everyday. It lasts longer than any bread i buy at the store. It stays fresh the whole time, and I’ve sworn off buying bread from anywhere else. And who doesn’t love a free slice of bread with your purchase? Also, they have a great assortment of sandwiches and salads.
Ivy Marcucci 01/17/24 — google
Love the atmosphere. Kind of smells and feels like a coffee shop that sells amazing breads and pastries and sandwiches. The food is great. Had the turkey cobb sandwich and it was a little dry but the flavor was great. Also bought the chocolate raspberry bread and it was all chocolate, no raspberries. That and the dry sandwich is why it's 4 starts, not 5. Good, but improvement can be made. Service is FANTASTIC.
Lance Pearson 01/15/24 — google
Love being able to go get a basket of wonderful goodies for my favorite people ❤️ from a great staff. ❤️
laura lassen 01/11/24 — google
I love food here. I bought bread for my neighbors For Christmas
Bob's last Anthony 01/9/24 — google
The morning crew is the best! Consistently friendly and generous with breakfast goodies. THANKS!
Brian Walker 01/3/24 — google
Christmas gifts
Kelly Christensen 12/29/23 — google
Got a blt on white. It was grilled and had a nice sauce. Tomato was fresh and plentiful. Also bought a loaf of cinnamon bread. It is always fresh. You can count on consistent quality with their bread. Very courteous and friendly staff. Please consider giving their sandwiches a try. The cost difference between a fast food meal and a meal at Great Harvest Bread is minimal and it’s a quaint place to relax with your friends, family or all alone. I don’t think I even have to rave about their bread, as it’s the best around. I always buy some white bread and a loaf of cinnamon bread. While you are there they’ll give you a complementary piece of bread with a big smear of butter on it. You can’t beat that! Gotta clean that floor.
screaming old man 12/27/23 — google