Great Harvest


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Excellent, friendly service and quality products!
Terri Johnson 05/14/22 — google
Best local sandwich I've had in a while. Wish I would have known earlier.
Bret Nelson 05/14/22 — google
I ordered hot cross buns as a gift for a few friends. They were ready when I arrived. The employees helped me take them to my car. The buns were great.
Thayne Bailey 05/6/22 — google
They have great baked goods
Clyde Kofoed 05/1/22 — google
MaryAnn Cervantes 05/1/22 — google
Good bread here
Joan Petersen Rond 05/1/22 — google
Always friendly staff, always tasty treats
Ben O'Neal 04/29/22 — google
Hands down, the best choice for pumpkin chocolate chip bread. they start to make the coconut cream in the spring and it Amazing. Highly recommend this store in provo.
c'est si bon 04/27/22 — google
Delightful, friendly service! Delicious food! Turkey cob was fabulous. You guys are great, thank you for a wonderful overall experience!!! - “Batman” :)
Jason Jacobs 04/25/22 — google
Pan super nutritivo y muy rico. Hay que ir temprano porque se agotan
Lourdes Marques 04/12/22 — google
Prices are to high
kim ardito 04/7/22 — google
I love it here! The employees are so kind they always seem to go above and beyond ❤️
Zoey May 03/30/22 — google
Fast service the food was pretty good.
Richard Stock 03/29/22 — google
Love this bakery
Sérgio Ribeiro 03/28/22 — google
The staff was beyond friendly and talked me through their options. Will return
Douglas McAdams 03/26/22 — google
Ryan MacArt 03/24/22 — google
I love the short list of ingredients on their whole wheat loaf, freshly milled whole wheat!, anyone who understands this difference from processed wheat will surely appreciate the nutrition. The ladies here have awesome customer service, very nice and helpful, the place is kept clean and they even have a cafe', tried the turkey sandwich and it was great and fresh!
Petroglyphtic Joe 03/23/22 — google
The South Ogden store is the good one. The recipes seem different from when they first opened over 25 years ago, my mom and dad went to the Midvale store and I remember the bread being heavier and softer. But still good.
RBS 1 03/22/22 — google
Looking for an old school a patisserie where I can find different types of breads, just simple breads...can't find anything in Davis and Weber counties...why? Stopped by Great Harvest on my way home around 10 in the morning. While it wasnt what i was really looking for, they did have some choices, so that i don't go home empty handed. There was a steady stream of people. I walked through once to get a chocolate pumpkin bread, and I guess I got the discounted one...I never go to GH, so I didn't even know what I was doing. I got in my car, and my wife told me to go back in and get the orange cranberry bread. I went back in ordered a fresh loaf, and a tea scone. When I checked out the girl gave me a slice of orange cranberry bread to sample. It was really good. People are nice, bread taste great. Store is pretty cool place to visit. Would recommend, but still looking for an old school bakery with breads 🍞. 😃 maybe they don't exist?
Ati So'o 03/21/22 — google
Love all of the locations I have been to. Love the Cinnaburst bread as well as the Cinnamon Raisin Bread! The Sweet Breads are great too!
Tony Iverson 03/20/22 — google
did an online order for a glilled cheese and a scone. I had some special requests and the employees payed close attention and made sure the sandwich was perfect. both the sandwich and scone were delicious. order was also completed by pickup time which was amazing. will definitely be ordering from you guys again, thank you!!
Oaklie Edwards 03/19/22 — google
I've become a regular awesome bread. The butter ham sandwich is 🔥
Matt Bevington 03/17/22 — google
Great sandwiches, tasty bread, great customer service!!
Juan C Deliote Jr 03/14/22 — google
Blueberry Bar is to die for! Always clean, fresh, friendly, and delicious atmosphere!
Honest Reviews 02/24/22 — google
Super tasty breads and sandwiches all at a good price! Will definitely be back
Paul Ricketts 02/23/22 — google
Great Bakery! Best honey whole wheat bread, sugars cookies and brownies in Utah. This review is for the Taylorsville location.
cherie Garcia 02/15/22 — google
Delaine Thorpe 02/14/22 — google
Great food. Great staff.
Riley Carroll 01/31/22 — google
I went to Great Harvest Bread to try some sandwiches a couple night ago. I love a place that makes fresh bread. The store just smells amazing. Another sweet thing about placing an order is while you wait, they have a couple loafs of bread from their selection that day and they give you a nice thick slice of bread. I decided to try their cherry chocolate bread with some butter and honey. Wow! This loaf is amazing. Honestly it was so moist that it was on the border of cake. I ordered a turkey pesto panini on white bread and a sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich on cracked wheat bread. I never thought to dip a turkey pesto panini in some balsamic vinegar, but that was a nice sweet/tang to the sandwich that gave it just the right kick. The cracked wheat bread for the breakfast sandwich was also really good. I'm not a cracked wheat fan, but Great Harvest definitely changed my mind about that. If you like great freshly made bread, this is the place to be. Definitely go check them out and remember to support your local businesses. 😁🤙 @greatharvest @greatharvestprovo #thisishowichow
Yung-Kang Li 01/27/22 — google
Yum. Highly recommend, Not a lot of seating inside but the breads and sandwiches are very good, Very nice ladies run this place; friendly. Clean.
Free Billy 01/22/22 — google
I absolutely love this place a bit pricey so only go once in a whole but the short bread cookies, asiogo bread, and cinnamon bread absolutely amazing
Amber bateman 01/21/22 — google
Best wheat bread in the state!
Marie Olson 01/20/22 — google
Try their Cinnamon Chip bread- they have a special mix that includes wheat made for the U.
Andrea Frost 01/18/22 — google
Always a great experience at Great Harvest. Great stag and an excellent high quality product.
Bryan Colemere 01/17/22 — google
Amazing bread!!! Sourdough is my favorite! Outstanding customer service every time!!
Alyson Williams 01/15/22 — google
Love their selection of breakfast sandwiches! Everything else is amazing too!
Zaring 01/15/22 — google
Really yummy breads!
Jonathon Montgomery 01/9/22 — google
I love a good deli sandwich on fresh bread. And these people do just that. Yummy! Thank you.
Brandy Greene 01/8/22 — google
Best employees in the world!! You can’t beat the whole wheat pecan sticky buns or the Cinnamon Burst bread.
Kate Ashton 01/8/22 — google
Best Bread store Utah County has to offer. Try it. Its a must.
Michael Mangan 01/7/22 — google
I've been craving a fresh sandwich for weeks now and the Iron Horse roast beef hit the spot. The wheat bread is some.of the softest and tastiest bread I've ever had from a small bakery. I took six cinnamon rolls with me to share at my other job and they were so delicious 🙂 Definitely stop in for a sandwich and coffee if you're in the area. My days off are so limited since I work so much, vut on my next day off I will definitely be back!!!
Steve Carter 01/4/22 — google
Wonderful selection of delicious, homemade breads and other desserts.
Sherry carlsen 12/27/21 — google
Great selection, reasonable prices
Stephanie Burnett 12/26/21 — google
Stopped in for a late Christmas gift and was meet with the friendliest people. Everyone here was happy, friendly and helpful. Great breads and they assembled my basket while I was waiting. The sample of cinnamon bread was amazing. I will definitely return to this location, they do customer service right!
Michael Villarruel 12/24/21 — google
The selection of bread is crazy, it is hard to decide which ones to get, they will have what you need, and they have great gifts for most of your family and friends, thank you for everything.
Sieme Doulos 12/17/21 — google
Good sandwiches and bread. Some tasty treats as well.
Justin Bell 12/16/21 — google
Awesome staff. Delicious sandwiches, treats, and bread. Great all around.
MoD_Eagle 12/14/21 — google
Loved the cinnamon burst roles!
Debra Troxel 12/5/21 — google
Great employees, great bread, solid all around
Christian Rowley 12/2/21 — google
Great place! I love their bread. It is baked fresh and always tastes amazing.
Kaitlyn King 11/30/21 — google
I always forget how good the comfort food and bread is here. It’s the best bread to make sandwiches. Their cinnaburst bread has been my favorites for many years.
liliflor007 11/30/21 — google
Wonderful service!!!!!
Grannie Goose 11/27/21 — google
Awesome soup and sandwiches! Great service too!
Terry Bay 11/26/21 — google
Best bakery around always high quality and employee's are always friendly. For someone who doesn't bake it's a great place to get all your baked goods.
Lee Cragun 11/24/21 — google
Great sandwiches
Linda Fournier 11/22/21 — google
I miss the free slices
Ga RBL 11/21/21 — google
Always, and I mean always, get the pumpkin bread.
Carlie Chatfield 11/17/21 — google