Great Harvest


The service was great! The owner opened up shop 12 years ago and made me a great panini and coffee. I bought a lot of bread that look delicious. They have dog treats and lots of options! Joe was incredibly kind.
Dakota Brackin 02/21/24 — google
Amazing bread. Also has sandwiches and pastries. They have a great mix of sweet and savory options!
Alyssa 02/19/24 — google
Always yummy food. Great staff. And Josh is the best!! Hidden secret!! Glad we found it.
Ralph Adams 02/14/24 — google
Great and friendly service
James Bowers 02/13/24 — google
Always treated with a smile 😃
John Jones 02/12/24 — google
One of my favorite places to eat in Logan!! There’s nothing bad here! Cookies, brownies, muffins, (heavenly) sandwiches, and the list goes on! Plus free bread slice, what’s not to like about that!? The sourdough bread is my favorite, and close to the best sourdough bread I’ve ever had!(second only to my grandpas) definitely would recommend the restaurant and the SOURDOUGH!!!
James Grunig 02/3/24 — google
Excellent food at a fair price. We love having lunch here. The staff is always considerate, the food is always fresh and they even have pebble ice for your drink.
Jaren Blake 01/25/24 — google
It's one of the best places ever to get your bread fix. The staff is incredible
Linda Auger 01/25/24 — google
Scotcharoos are AMAZING.
Meghan Smith 01/23/24 — google
Everyone who works here is an absolute sweetheart. I grew up with a Great Harvest where I lived and it felt like home. This one is exactly the same. The food is top notch, the workers are excited to help, and I leave feeling better than when I came in. Chick-Fil-A’s got some competition. Edit from latest visit: I had a strange experience today. I came in and ordered a sandwich right before a big rush, and while I was waiting for my sandwich I expected it to take longer since a lot of people came in and they only had so many workers. 20 minutes go by and I start to notice that everyone who came after me was getting their food first. I assumed maybe their orders were easier and took less time? Eventually all of the workers were in the back and I was waiting by the sandwich pickup and I noticed there were no more order tabs left. There had been an order sitting out for "Stacie" that they called out several times, and since that isn't my name I assumed it was someone else's order. I was going to go up and ask if I'd missed my food being called out when I noticed two of the girls came back to the sandwich station and were talking to each other and looking over. One of them went and grabbed the sandwich and brought it over to me and said "have a nice day", but they both seemed irritated with me as though I was too lazy to grab my food or I was distracted on my phone and should've been paying attention. I came home with a soggy sandwich and wanted to cry, lol. I've always had such wonderful experiences at this place, it was a big positive part of my childhood. The food is always good, my friend who is/was on shift is always lovely and great at her job, but I felt so bad and embarrassed for not recognizing my order because they didn't confirm my name before sending the order through. I'm likely going to stick with my hometown location in the future.
Izzy Fluhrer 01/20/24 — google
I always get a loaf and a slice or two when I'm in town. Im in Heaven for a week.
Rich Passey 01/18/24 — google
I LOVE great harvest. They have the BEST bread baked fresh everyday. It lasts longer than any bread i buy at the store. It stays fresh the whole time, and I’ve sworn off buying bread from anywhere else. And who doesn’t love a free slice of bread with your purchase? Also, they have a great assortment of sandwiches and salads.
Ivy Marcucci 01/17/24 — google
Love the atmosphere. Kind of smells and feels like a coffee shop that sells amazing breads and pastries and sandwiches. The food is great. Had the turkey cobb sandwich and it was a little dry but the flavor was great. Also bought the chocolate raspberry bread and it was all chocolate, no raspberries. That and the dry sandwich is why it's 4 starts, not 5. Good, but improvement can be made. Service is FANTASTIC.
Lance Pearson 01/15/24 — google
Love being able to go get a basket of wonderful goodies for my favorite people ❤️ from a great staff. ❤️
laura lassen 01/11/24 — google
I love food here. I bought bread for my neighbors For Christmas
Bob's last Anthony 01/9/24 — google
The morning crew is the best! Consistently friendly and generous with breakfast goodies. THANKS!
Brian Walker 01/3/24 — google
Christmas gifts
Kelly Christensen 12/29/23 — google
Got a blt on white. It was grilled and had a nice sauce. Tomato was fresh and plentiful. Also bought a loaf of cinnamon bread. It is always fresh. You can count on consistent quality with their bread. Very courteous and friendly staff. Please consider giving their sandwiches a try. The cost difference between a fast food meal and a meal at Great Harvest Bread is minimal and it’s a quaint place to relax with your friends, family or all alone. I don’t think I even have to rave about their bread, as it’s the best around. I always buy some white bread and a loaf of cinnamon bread. While you are there they’ll give you a complementary piece of bread with a big smear of butter on it. You can’t beat that! Gotta clean that floor.
screaming old man 12/27/23 — google
Live the breads
Nancy Coggle 12/26/23 — google
Service was excellent but the turkey sandwich was better! I added bacon, on sour dough. Y'all, you gotta try this!! We will definitely be back!!
Jerry Welker 12/20/23 — google
I walked into this location cuz I had a gift card and haven't been in a great harvest for probably 10 years if not more and found a lovely loaf of blueberry raspberry bread and it was divine. I asked the young girl at the counter "where are your Mazurka bars"? and she gave me a look that said I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Apparently they don't make Mazurka bars anymore which was probably my favorite item there.
Adam Smit 12/19/23 — google
This place is the secret when you can’t figure out what to eat. One of the best sandwich places I have been to. I generally get the chicken salad sandwich. Not a lot of space to eat and stay so I usually spill in the car… which makes me angry. lol.
Advantage Consulting (Dustin Kearl) 12/17/23 — google
I ordered a bunch of bread and jam gifts. There was a hiccup with the order and Kaden handled it so well. I appreciated the prompt help with the order. I will be ordering again for sure!
Karen Rickett 12/14/23 — google
I haven’t been here but I really love bread so I would have to imagine whatever they are making is delicious. 👅🍞
Johnny Arellano 12/13/23 — google
Best sandwiches, bread to die for, and very friendly staff.
K2K Orem 12/8/23 — google
Going anywhere else for bread would be really hard. I think my appetite for their bread could go all day long. They’ve always left me satisfied and smiling.
Steven Kellogg 12/6/23 — google
Service was amazing! Tessa went above and beyond to help me and fellow customers! Definitely will be coming again ☺️
GILLIAN MOYER 11/30/23 — google
8.5/10 sandwich (super good), great service, and they give you a free slice of one of their sample breads
Tyler Jones 11/29/23 — google
Always a lunch fave. The Taylorsville location is my favorite. They are friendly, consistent, always good!
Nicki Kasteler 11/28/23 — google
nice people, nice products!!!
Farid Neira 11/19/23 — google
I got a free slice of their hot chocolate bread. Tasted like chocolate cake with chocolate chips. And I bought 3 loaves of their cinnamon bread pull-aparts to give to friends. A friend of mine had given me a loaf and I thought it was very good so I thought I would share the yum!
barbara sosa 11/18/23 — google
The raisin bread is like grandma's homemade.c
Allen Thomas M 11/16/23 — google
Best home made bread commercially made. Had a great sandwich today. Today I was served very well from saff when I needed box lunches for an activity for ladies to enjoy. These people have been helping me to provide great food and I am very pleased with the arrangements. Thank you Great Harvest !!!
Mary Cornelsen 11/15/23 — google
The most amazing bread and sandwiches
Mya Henrie 11/13/23 — google
Sandwiches are delicious and price is great you can get a sandwich with pickle, chips and muffin. I also tried Big cinnamon rol and it's good but toooooo sweet, they could reduce at least half of the icing. Employees are very friendly and fast to serve.
Pil G 11/8/23 — google
I truly love this place their so amazing. Their breakfast sandwiches are so good and they do a grilled cheese and you can add ham or turkey or whatever you want way good. I recommend the havest bread it's the best but my opinion. You should try it.
Mike Yates 11/4/23 — google
They are always so nice too my daughter here! And the bread is next level!! My kid starting dancing to the music playing and they all smiled and danced with her it was so sweet definitely will be coming back for bread and fun!
The Hoodlum turned Gamer “Matty” Nerd-ology 11/4/23 — google
Awesome as usual!
Laura Tippetts-Burrows 11/3/23 — google
We always love going for a slice of bread and hot chocolate
Yari Acevedo 10/31/23 — google
Always the best breakfast!
Marian Anglin 10/30/23 — google
Great local bakery, love the breakfast and cinnamon rolls.
joseph fong (Joe) 10/29/23 — google
Chicken wild rice soup w/bread was delicious lunch!
C L 10/24/23 — google
their pumpkin bread is amazing! so so good and i love it so much!
Crede Bailey 10/22/23 — google
Great local bakery, Jason provided exceptional service and even let me sample a piece of Popeye Bread. Wait time was a little long but was well worth it especially with the large number of customers. I Highly recommend you try it.
Nathen Wright 10/20/23 — google
This place is awesome! Staff are super friendly and know their menu and make great recommendations! Food is amazing! I am visiting from out of town so I got a few things for the road and they were all so GOOD! Thank you
Angela Wilder 10/18/23 — google
Delicious turkey cranberry sandwiches and the best oatmeal chocolate chip
John Henshaw 10/17/23 — google
(Translated by Google) Great Harvest has delicious cinnamon buns and pumpkin chocolate pound cake. The atmosphere in the store is laid back and comfortable, and the staff is very friendly ~ (Original) Great Harvest有非常美味的肉桂麵包和南瓜巧克力磅蛋糕,店內氣氛悠閒舒適、員工非常友善~
旅人工作者 10/16/23 — google
Great bread! Basic healthy ingredients. I like the whole wheat and seeded breads.
Justin Bosley 10/7/23 — google
You can count on them stocking consistent and fresh items on their shelves. I have ordered from them on several occassions. The store is organized, inviting and welcoming. It is nice to have a great bakery that you can count on!
Dalene Teichert 10/6/23 — google
Best bread ever! Try the pumpkin.
Jessica Jacobs 10/4/23 — google
Service was quick and friendly. Sandwiches were delicious.
Upper Shelf 10/3/23 — google
Ethan Cambell 10/1/23 — google
Heather provided excellent customer service and was very kind! Would come again 😊
Matthew Hamp 09/30/23 — google
Very friendly and helpful employees!
Emma Harris 09/26/23 — google
Though I've driven by countless times, I never stopped until recently. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am impressed. The staff is extremely friendly; the gentleman who helped me was clearly in love with his job, which to me speaks volumes. The food was fresh and delicious. I'll for sure be coming on back.
Sharece Willcoxon 09/26/23 — google
Wish I could rate it 10 stars.
Sam Hales 09/25/23 — google
The folks at Great Harvest are so friendly & professional. They know what they are talking about & make sure you understand the process that goes into making their yummy treats
Vincent Grant 09/25/23 — google
Love this place! Fantastic food with reasonable prices.
Kyle Varga 09/24/23 — google
They put a beautiful basket together and delivered it in the same afternoon. Very helpful and kind!!
Tiffany Bowles 09/23/23 — google
How do you describe that warm feeling you experience when you enjoy food made from real ingredients as well as the care and love of bakers with passion? This is the best kept secret in Taylorsville and West Jordan for beautiful baked goods 💚 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread nom nom nom 🤤
Clifton Wright 09/22/23 — google