Great Harvest


I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed my visit. Vegetarian options were a huge plus. The sandwich and cookie were delicious. The best part was the service. The atmosphere was welcoming and friendly.
Mel Rosales 05/26/23 — google
Only tried their awesome free bread with butter, but it was delicious!!
Rhiannon Chae 05/25/23 — google
Breakfast bars that have fruit on them that I always forget the name are awesome
Cliff Layton 05/25/23 — google
Good sandwiches!
Jeff Lucero 05/23/23 — google
I've never had better food in my life, and the guy who owns it is super hot
Nick Hallisey 05/21/23 — google
Good food, fresh bakery, and nice people!
Sean Zampirro 05/18/23 — google
Friendly staff
Dustin Peterson 05/18/23 — google
Always a treat!! Good customer service too. Park City location.
Eddybhar De La Fuente (Business) 05/17/23 — google
An absolutely amazing experience! The customer service is unmatched and the raspberry cinnamon rolls are to die for. Be sure to stop by when Claire is working. Claire was particularly pleasant and made my visit an even greater delight. I will certainly be back next time I'm in Logan.
Taylor Boyer 05/17/23 — google
Great breads, pastries, and sandwiches
Steven Jacobsen 05/16/23 — google
Can buy great tasting treats
SUZIE Harris 05/16/23 — google
Loved the loaf of bread I bought the other day, it was raspberry and blueberry or something, I’ll be back soon for more!
Saydria Christensen 05/9/23 — google
This place is pure deliciousness. This place is also worth coming here at least once a week. We come to get a free piece of bread. I also love their rustic interior. It's so inviting. I love their cinnamon rolls. They have a rich flavor to it. I do sometimes pour melted butter on it. You definitely need to go on a run after this treat. I love their cinnamon and jalapeño bread. We then head to Logan Canyon with our treats. Our kids love it too. We get Mt. Dew and a cookie too. I have gone here for years since 1999. It is one of our favorite spots.
Off The Beaten Path Adventures and Travel (Adventures) 05/7/23 — google
Wow. I wanted to rate this place 10/10 the first time I came here. This is only my third visit but it’s literally better every time. The hospitality!!!! Yoooo!!!! These people are so very kind. So friendly and it changes my whole mood when I come here. I might just need to apply 😂😉 seriously loveeeee the fresh and delicious food and please grab y’all some pumpkin chocolate chip bread. It’s divine!!!! Love these sandwiches!!!
Lizzy Chatwin 05/5/23 — google
The bread makes the sandwich. Great Harvest has more then just bread, they have sweet treats and great sandwiches. The sandwich choices are limited. They also offer soft drinks. They also have limited hours. So check before arriving in the morning or evening
Bryan B 05/4/23 — google
Love their bread, dessert selections
Lynda Maynard 05/3/23 — google
Super friendly and the turkey pesto on sourdough was delicious🤤
Kai 05/3/23 — google
Stopped by the Great Harvest Bread Co while waiting for my ride home. I am glad that I did. They have an amazing selection of handmade baked goods. Mainly bread. There are samples of different kinds that are available to customers. I noticed that since the last time I was there, they have added a lot of new items. Soups and sandwiches are made to order. Coffee and a soda fountain as well. The store has a small area for seating. I did not use the restrooms, so I cannot speak for them, but they had a pretty clean dining room. I ordered a wonderful muffin like croissant. It had buttery and crispy sugar throughout the item. It was great. I recommend you try this place out. The only downside to me was the price. Very good quality, but the price was a bit steep.
Chris 04/26/23 — google
The food here is so good!! I love the turkey pesto sandwich! Also their garlic and cheese bread is amazing!
Tami Janson 04/25/23 — google
I prefer this place to Old Grist Mill. The sandwiches at Great Harvest are ☆☆☆☆☆, packed with deliciousness, and two stars over the Mill.
Hiro 04/25/23 — google
Get the Reuben or the Pesto sandwich, delicious! Also grab a loaf of Potato Dill & Cinnamon Burst for at home. Mmmmmm
Kyle 04/22/23 — google
I loved my bird salad an black coffee. I will go again .Thank you🙌💫
Lourdes Correia de Martinho 04/21/23 — google
(Translated by Google) EXCELLENT (Original) EXCELENTE
Neulis Atencio 04/16/23 — google
Great sandwich
Mark Westover 04/15/23 — google
Great quality at a great price with amazing service.
Antispam Man 04/14/23 — google
Our company called the Provo Great Harvest to have a gift basket delivered and were extremely pleased! Duncan was kind, provided excellent service, and they delivered it within several hours. A great idea for companies looking for attractive gift baskets!
Di Lunt 04/14/23 — google
Our bookclub met here over breakfast. Fresh food. Good coffee. Plenty of area for sitting.
Katarina Pantic 04/14/23 — google
We absolutely LOVE this location! Great harvest has always been one of our go-to's for yummy bread and sandwiches but this location goes above and beyond! I wish we would've gotten the names of the employees working because they were so sweet and explained everything! We put our phone number and birthday in for the rewards program and the sweet lady said she owed us a Birthday treat! My dad's birthday was almost a month ago and mine isn't until later in the year but she said we could pick whatever treat we wanted! We both got brownies expecting them to be a small taste and they were huge!!! We also got samples of the pumpkin chocolate chip and raspberry/blueberry bread and they were very thick slices! We're super impressed and will definitely stop in next time we're in the area!
Bronwynn Hawkins 04/13/23 — google
Delicious and amazing service! The Saturday crew rocks!
Bridget Sivongsa 04/12/23 — google
We were gifted some of your hot cross buns - OHHHH! They are just heavenly!! Thank you for caring what your food tastes like!! Best I have ever had!! JoEllen Anderson
JoEllen Anderson 04/10/23 — google
Quite literally had the best sandwich of my life. The Turkey pesto was phenomenal…customer service, phenomenal. 10/10 recommend stopping by.
Katherine Elizabeth 04/6/23 — google
We had the Best experience going here today. They have the very best customer service I have ever experienced! The bread is amazing and they hooked us up with so many great samples to try. Shiloh (Shi) helped us, and we couldn't have felt more welcomed! She was incredible and we will be back because of how amazing she was! Thank You!
Sarah Manning 04/6/23 — google
always get bread or goodies here, every now an then a sandwich
Sue I. Drechsel 04/4/23 — google
Always delicious
Natalie Miyamoto 04/4/23 — google
Great bakery food and great for lunch. The staff is very friendly.
Dave Lamb 04/3/23 — google
Staff is always happy & upbeat. Great foods, good prices, always a pleasant experience. Definitely love that the free sample are back.
Bethany S 04/3/23 — google
Everyone makes you feel so good! Awesome customer service and we’ll definitely be back.
Jessica Bass 04/1/23 — google
Such nice workers here. Fun, pleasant environment for a quiet and tasty lunch. I had tomato basil soup with a thick slice of sourdough asiago bread. It was delicious!
Claire Toone 03/30/23 — google
Nothing better than a keva and great harvest. Reminds me of being a kid and pretty much all my life growing up lol. Great harvest is better than keva, they seem to be hit and miss unlike when I was younger. Definitely get your cinnamon bread!
Rock Creations 03/30/23 — google
Wow. I'm moving to West Jordan and passed by this place and decided to pop in. I'm so glad I did. I had their pesto chicken sandwich and I think it's the best sandwich I've ever had in my life. On top of that, the staff is incredibly friendly and they even gave me a slice of the garlic cheddar bread while I waited. Small gestures like that go a long way and they've just earned my business for life. I'm so happy this place will be around the block from my new home.
Bryan Larson 03/27/23 — google
Great Harvest prioritizes customer service, and they do a great job at going above and beyond to serve their customers! Their sandwiches are very yummy, and I LOVE their treats! Additionally, their bread is the freshest you can get anywhere because they mill their flour on-site daily, and they don't use a bunch of preservatives, so it's healthier, too! My mom and I have been going here for years to get our bread because it's so much better than the bread we could get at the grocery store! Also, they are very kind to their employees, which I very much appreciate!
Esther Laird 03/24/23 — google
This place is an absolute delight! The food, the employees, and especially the atmosphere of it all. I come here to eat and study. I only have one complaint. That is closes way too early. Staying open until at least eight or nine would make this place perfect.
Danny B stewart 03/24/23 — google
I rediscovered how good their club sandwich is. Raspberry and blueberry bread was wonderful treat.
Tyler Larsen 03/22/23 — google
I have been going to this Great Harvest virtually since it opened. I am a regular and they always treat me and my kids so wonderfully. They are generous, friendly, and have made my kids feel welcome. My kids look forward to coming to Great Harvest knowing they will be treated with great service and enjoy a fabulous sample every time. Natalie and Jason (the owners) always take time to say hello.
Emily Taylor 03/22/23 — google
Always the best of bakery good
Lynne Harris 03/20/23 — google
Delicious and healthy! 💯 Who'd thunk.....😊
Sharon Starr 03/18/23 — google
Basket of bread
jose caceres 03/18/23 — google
Simple but great sandwiches. We got the BLT and a breakfast sandwich served by a very friendly staff.
H D 03/18/23 — google
People make all the difference, and Great Harvest came through again with pleasant and happy workers who made our visit one that left me smiling as I left for my day! I sure wish I could remember the gal who helped me at the counter, because she single-handedly lifted my spirits with her encouraging words, help with questions, and willingness to assist me with gift cards and deals (some I didn't even KNOW about!)! I went in to get a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat with a coupon and walked out with a birthday treat, a taste of something yummy, another loaf of my favorite Salsa Bread, and my old punch cards moved to the new system. Thank you! We love the Taylorsville Great Harvest and the wonderful people who make it their point to make our days brighter!
Heather Creel 03/11/23 — google
Had the most wonderful morning here. A very happy man kneading dough in the back thanked us for sharing our toddler's voice with them that morning. And Shi helped us at the counter and was amazing. The homemade hummus was soooo good and a huge treat on a cross country road trip. Thank you!!!
Cole Good 03/10/23 — google
1st time here! Great place! This will be a new go to for us! Fresh delicious sandwiches, soup. Irish chocolate chip bread is great, but probably limited time. Staff is great. We were well pleased.👍👍
Renea Burt (Waynay) 03/10/23 — google
A good coffee, on a snowy day, my daughter asked for a "chai latte" and it had really been more than three years since she had such a good one, so she finally found a place to enjoy it, we will be back
silviane Guerrero 03/8/23 — google
Awesome place!! Best chicken salad sandwich around!! Wonderful little sweet treats to take home to the family, and a great atmosphere and friendly people to dish it all up for you!! Strongly recommend visiting if you want a really good sandwich!!
pete savage 03/7/23 — google
This place has great freshly baked breads and very good sandwiches. I usually make it a point to stop there when I'm in Park City.
Cathy Robison 03/6/23 — google
We dropped by without warning with a preschool group of eight children and three adults. We were not aware the bakery will actually schedule tours for small groups of children, so we had just planned to buy some bread rolls to let the kids have a snack and experience being in a bakery. However, the owner popped out when she realized we were there. She was in the middle of doing payroll and didn't have time to do a full tour, but she graciously gifted us each a generous slice of pumpkin bread and a cup of water. She also let us borrow two bakery-topic children's books to read to the children. The employees were friendly and helpful with everyone that came in. No one acted like we were a bother, including the customers. The children had a wonderful time looking at all the bakery products on display, listening to the stories and loved the delicious bread. (I purchased a couple of dessert loaves to take home, different flavors but equally delicious.) Many thanks to the owner, employees and bakery patrons for making it a great day!
Emily Jacobson 03/1/23 — google
It's a bit out of the way for me, but the store closer does not make the low carb bread, which is amazing!
Cindy Nielson 02/28/23 — google
Their bread samples are huge. Shout out to them for feeding my husband when he was in college and pretty poor - free sample of bread and a $1.98 coke got him through lunch some days!
Heather Franklin 02/28/23 — google
Delicious veggie sandwich
Shauna Hansen 02/27/23 — google
Great choice of sandwiches and salads but my favorite is the Asiago sourdough bread they make every tuesday, Thursday and saturday!
Kevin Jordan 02/24/23 — google
Great Harvest has the best cinnamon roll.. Just 20 seconds in the microwave and you will have the fond memory of grandma’s cinnamon roll without the work. Easy living made good! Joan Hadley
Joan Hadley 02/24/23 — google