Great Harvest Bread of Clinton


We love their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We don't go there too often but they do have good treats. We have gone there at all hours and they never seem to be overly crowded. So I believe any time they are open is a good time. However if you are looking for something specific you will want to get there when they open. Otherwise it may be gone when they close.
Casey Swain 06/16/24 — google
I gotta hand it to you guys. I've ordered the Ruben sandwich and Holy cow I was impressed on how it was going to taste and it better than my grandmother Ruben sandwich. I'll be coming back alot more for now on keep up the good work 50 out of 50 stars
Shawn Flinders 04/10/24 — google
Amazing bread. Also has sandwiches and pastries. They have a great mix of sweet and savory options!
Alyssa 02/19/24 — google
their pumpkin bread is amazing! so so good and i love it so much!
Crede Bailey 10/22/23 — google
Really good quality bread and delicious deserts. The employee who made the peanut butter bars made it perfectly; it’s the best peanut butter my family and I have ever tasted.
Paul Morgan 09/6/23 — google
Great breakfast sandwiches, and arguably the best honey wheat bread available
Joshua George 08/26/23 — google
Food was fresh, service was slow
Calascova 01/2/23 — google
Great bakery good service
Lee Cragun 12/19/22 — google
Excellent place for soup, sandwiches and other baked goods. This is definitely one of my favorite lunch spots.
Computer Guy 12/2/22 — google
Always friendly and the food is great. All breads and some desserts, soups, and salads. They have great gift baskets for all occasions.
Upper Shelf 11/7/22 — google
Awesome Service and Bread!
Bret Allen 10/22/22 — google
Rode my bike with my boys to have breakfast. Was pretty good, will come back for sure.
David Rea 08/22/22 — google
Always friendly staff, always tasty treats
Ben O'Neal 04/29/22 — google
The staff was beyond friendly and talked me through their options. Will return
See Kyle 03/26/22 — google
did an online order for a glilled cheese and a scone. I had some special requests and the employees payed close attention and made sure the sandwich was perfect. both the sandwich and scone were delicious. order was also completed by pickup time which was amazing. will definitely be ordering from you guys again, thank you!!
Oaklie Edwards 03/19/22 — google
Blueberry Bar is to die for! Always clean, fresh, friendly, and delicious atmosphere!
Krystal Carmen 02/24/22 — google
Super tasty breads and sandwiches all at a good price! Will definitely be back
Paul Ricketts 02/23/22 — google
I love a good deli sandwich on fresh bread. And these people do just that. Yummy! Thank you.
Brandy Greene 01/8/22 — google
Awesome staff. Delicious sandwiches, treats, and bread. Great all around.
MoD_Eagle 12/14/21 — google
Everything here taste so good! Also Great customer service which is hard to find nowadays. How cool would it be if they left some of their loaves of bread unsliced so you could cut it as thick as you want.
Allen 11/9/21 — google
Fast, friendly service. Smells SO good inside!!
Jamie Larsen 11/2/21 — google
The scones are delish. I can't eat here very often, because it usually, gives me a gut ache. The store is always clean. Employees are friendly. It's usually not busy.
D M 10/25/21 — google
Excellent sandwich and service
Jennifer 10/5/21 — google
One of my favorite places to grab quality food and bread, snacks, and rolls. Just wish every location had coffee.
SL 09/11/21 — google
Unfortunately for some, I am one who asks a lot of questions. Eric at Great Harvest not only was willing and open to my breaded questions, but his responses were executed flawlessly. As a result, my wife and I had a delicious meal. *fist pump*
A Google User 08/14/21 — google
They staff are always friendly and quick to serve. This location almost always has our favorite treat, pumpkin chocolate chip bread.
Jean Britton 07/27/21 — google
I had the best chicken salad sandwich I have ever had. The bread is to die for.
Jan Mortensen 06/10/21 — google
Great sandwiches. Great prices.
R S 04/5/21 — google
Great customer service! Love their pumpkin chocolate chip bread!
Renee Warner 03/26/21 — google
Great service and delicious food! Tori was my cashier and she was so nice and sweet!!
Caroline Brinkman 03/23/21 — google
This place is fantastic! I'd list some of the best items, but the whole menu is wonderful. The baked goods are second to none. I love having their rolls at family events. You should probably try the breakfast rolls though. Mmmmmm
Dave Walker 02/27/21 — google
Excellent sandwich!
Tony 01/19/21 — google
Great service. Wait time very fast! Still great choices this late in the shopping game! Good job great harvest!
dena quintana 12/24/20 — google
Always great food and friendly employees! I love going here for lunch and soups/salads and sandwiches with friends. This is where I get my gift baskets too - I love shopping local!
Annette Judd 12/15/20 — google
I love Great Harvest bread, I made some grilled cheese with their bread before heavenly!
Jennalyn Silverwood 12/13/20 — google
Fresh bread is delicious! Their scones are amazing. The lemon bars are delicious. The cinnamon bread is awesome for french toast!
Luke Faws 11/12/20 — google
Thanks guys
Nate Gailey 10/20/20 — google
Really good/healthy place for lunch
Michael Freeman 10/17/20 — google
They have a bunch of different choices, but I chose a basic turkey and provolone sandwich. It was delicious and I love their country white bread.
Justin Bell 08/25/20 — google
I love their pumpkin chocolate chip bread.
John Jackson 07/29/20 — google
Awesome sandwich and the pumpkin bar for dessert was delicious.
Jeff Corless 06/9/20 — google
Fantastic food and very friendly staff!!
Michelle F. 05/3/20 — google
Great neighborhood business. The owners are so nice and the staff is very friendly. Yummy bread and treats. Repeat customer for employee gifts.
Gus Bolos 12/20/19 — google
Found another location
Angelica Vieyra 10/26/19 — google
I always love this place. I come here for bread a lot. The breads are always fresh and delicious. I also enjoy getting the bread samples with the butter. I’ve always got the bread, but the Cinnamon rolls and everything else looks really good. I did get lunch here one day. The sand which was good, however the best part of this place is the bread.
FAKE NAME 08/4/19 — google
Their cookies are freaking lit
Game Zone 07/24/19 — google
Definitely a must visit for fresh bread and baked goods.
Anthony “The Big Ragu” K 07/20/19 — google
Breakfast sandwiches are great.
Jc Bathke 05/4/19 — google
Stopped in on Thursday for an old favorite, Fruit bars! They were exceptionally good, and motivated me to write this review. Plus Sean is a really swell guy and a fair motorcyclist!
Blair Butler 04/26/19 — google
Love the sandwiches, bread and they make the best sugar cookies around. They make many dofferent kinds of breads. Its nice to go in and get as soup and sandwiches
LAUREL BILLS 03/16/19 — google
Great sandwiches and, of course, the bread also. We love grabbing lunch here.
Travis Finster 03/8/19 — google
Very friendly staff and the food is fresh and delicious. Soup is awesome!
Mike Liegert 02/19/19 — google
Very good
Steve Drollinger 01/24/19 — google
They make great bread and sandwiches. Small area to sit tho. I took one star off for the simple fact that every single sandwich they've made me ( every single one) had the ends of the tomato on it. Lol, Nobody wants the tomato butts!
Garth vader 01/17/19 — google
Great service, friendly staff, great food! Loved the warm bread!
Misha Tuck 01/17/19 — google
Heather Palmer 01/16/19 — google
I love this place, sandwiches are so yummy!
Kelly Kunzler 01/14/19 — google
This place gets busy around the Holidays but the crew is very prepared and the line moves quickly. Cinnamon Burst is the best bread money can buy. Tastes wonderful made into French toast.
Lukas Brunnor 12/22/18 — google
Great baked goods and friendly staff
Cami Faulkner 12/20/18 — google
Great service and very good food, I'll be back
Dale Sterrett 12/19/18 — google