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Serving clinton, West Point, West Haven, Roy, Clearfield, Hooper, Syracuse


Great Harvest Bread of Clinton
2201 N 2000 W
Clinton , Utah 84015

801-773-5459 Email

Great neighborhood business. The owners are so nice and the staff is very friendly. Yummy bread and treats. Repeat customer for employee gifts.
— Gus Bolos, Posted December 20th 2019 on Google
Found another location
— Angelica Vieyra, Posted October 26th 2019 on Google
I always love this place. I come here for bread a lot. The breads are always fresh and delicious. I also enjoy getting the bread samples with the butter. I’ve always got the bread, but the Cinnamon rolls and everything else looks really good. I did get lunch here one day. The sand which was good, however the best par...
— FAKE NAME, Posted August 4th 2019 on Google
Amazing amazing amazing!!! The bread, the desserts, EVERYTHING is just so delicious. I would absolutely recommend this place!!
— Ashley S., Posted August 2nd 2019 on Yelp
Their cookies are freaking lit
— Game Zone, Posted July 24th 2019 on Google
Definitely a must visit for fresh bread and baked goods.
— Anthony Kloehr, Posted July 20th 2019 on Google
Breakfast sandwiches are great.
— Jc Bathke, Posted May 4th 2019 on Google
Stopped in on Thursday for an old favorite, Fruit bars! They were exceptionally good, and motivated me to write this review. Plus Sean is a really swell guy and a fair motorcyclist!
— Blair Butler, Posted April 26th 2019 on Google
Love the sandwiches, bread and they make the best sugar cookies around. They make many dofferent kinds of breads. Its nice to go in and get as soup and sandwiches
— LAUREL BILLS, Posted March 16th 2019 on Google
Great sandwiches and, of course, the bread also. We love grabbing lunch here.
— Travis Finster, Posted March 8th 2019 on Google
Very friendly staff and the food is fresh and delicious. Soup is awesome!
— Mike Liegert, Posted February 19th 2019 on Google