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Great Harvest Draper

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Great Harvest Draper is your whole grain breads bakery in Draper, Utah. From milling our own wheat daily in our bakery to creating beautiful Draper gift baskets, our passion for phenomenal baked goods is the reason for everything we do. Come by our Draper breads bakery soon for a free slice of fresh bread! Enjoy the enticing aroma and warm surroundings of your Draper local bakery!

The secret to making phenomenal bread is in the wheat kernels. We know where every kernel comes from. That’s because we have been purchasing our premium whole wheat from family-owned farms for more than 30 years.

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Fresh baked bread Draper
Our Secret

5 Simple Ingredients

Five ingredients are the hallmark of our legendary whole grain breads. Fresh-ground whole wheat flour, water, fresh yeast, salt and something sweet (usually a local honey). At Great Harvest Draper, we believe bread is best when you keep it simple. It's even better when you use the highest quality ingredients you can find. You can taste and feel the difference in our baked goods Draper.

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Enjoy a slice of our famous breads at our award winning Great Harvest Bread Utah, because it tastes so good!


Choose from our yummy selection of Signature Sandwiches. Fresh bread makes ALL the difference!


Our Great Harvest Bread Utah, Utah bakery offers some of the most healthy, and tasty treats around. Come in to see our daily treat schedules!


Every season we offer a few fun treats to help create tradition with your family and friends. Any of these items can be made at any time during the year with a minimum order of 6 and at least 48 hours advanced notice.

Super friendly. A+ service
— Bailey Banbury, Posted July 17th 2019 on Google
They made the most beautiful basket for me. Really well done and professional. They also hooked me up with giant samples so Iโ€™m a large fan ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿž
— Eric Forbush, Posted June 23rd 2019 on Google
Been coming here for close to 8 years when an old company I used to work for was located in Draper. And shame on me for never Yelp'ing it! They started in Montana in the mid 1970's and one thing that is awesome about them are the wholesome ingredients they use that can be pronounced (chemical/preservative free). They h...
— John C., Posted April 29th 2019 on Yelp
Best breakfast sandwiches so far! Also so friendly as to make accommodations and weird requests!
— Maria Saavedra, Posted April 29th 2019 on Google
Away great service and bread.
— Robert Poetschlag, Posted April 12th 2019 on Google
People are so friendly and have amazing food and great choices. They gave us bread to go feed the ducks. ๐Ÿ˜ thanks guys you made our day!
— Josie Jones, Posted March 26th 2019 on Google
Fabulous staff at a fabulous establishment. THE best sandwiches and treats around!
— Adam Christiansen, Posted March 23rd 2019 on Google
Excellent customer service and food! Every time I come here the staff is super nice and bends over backwards to help! The sandwiches are super fresh and always taste perfect!
— Brandon Poulter, Posted March 20th 2019 on Google
This is my favorite location in the valley. They have ample parking that is super easy to access. The store is always clean and the staff is super friendly. I love their sandwiches but would recommend going closer to 11:00 to avoid the rush. I've tried almost everything and have yet to be disappointed with my purchase....
— Jen A., Posted March 16th 2019 on Yelp
You can order any half sandwich and get it warmed. Most places require your to order a whole sandwich. They also have the most amazing treats and you get a free sample of something yummy. Their prices are really good.
— Tercia Jarvis, Posted March 15th 2019 on Google
friendly employees and great bread! veggie sandwich was amazing! also love the cinnamon rolls! always love coming back here when visiting from out of state.
— Brittany W., Posted February 27th 2019 on Yelp
Great way to enjoy time with family Great food
— Yvonne Groen, Posted February 8th 2019 on Google
These people know what it's all about. Service with truly the customer in mind. Went in today to buy some loaves of bread to give as gifts, and walked out with everything I needed to make it happen -- did you know you could buy ribbon there (and cheap, too!)? I asked about it after seeing some pre-wrapped gift baskets,...
— Rochelle Griffin, Posted December 18th 2018 on Google
They are sometimes closed when I want some of that yummy goodness but when I can get in there I take all that warm mouth watering deliciousness!!!
— Chew Y., Posted December 6th 2018 on Yelp