Great Harvest Bread of Draper


I drop in a couple times a month. Delicious bread! You need to try Cinnaburst and the pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Those are definitely the CLASSICS! But… my FAVORITE thing they make is the Glazed Sugar Cookie. They make them only 1 or 2 times a year, but they are INCREDIBLE!!!😋
Kathryn Butler Movement for life 03/28/24 — google
Great local bakery, Jason provided exceptional service and even let me sample a piece of Popeye Bread. Wait time was a little long but was well worth it especially with the large number of customers. I Highly recommend you try it.
Nathen Wright 10/20/23 — google
Good cookie and good service. Just more than I’d be willing to pay for a cookie
Brynne Adamson 09/1/23 — google
This location is the best! So accommodating and kind and such a fun environment to be in. I have had nothing but the best service there. Today I went in on the wrong day for one of their rotating loaves and they went out of their way to make sure I left happy with some good bread! 10/5 stars!
Emilie Dorny 08/17/23 — google
Super friendly and the turkey pesto on sourdough was delicious🤤
Kai 05/3/23 — google
Great place, such nice people super helpful too
Bentley Scarbrough 12/16/22 — google
West Jordan harvest bread store have more friendly atmosphere
joe farr 10/1/22 — google
Pumpkin chocolate chip bread so yummy and todays service was perfect 👍🏻
Manny Pascoal 07/8/22 — google
Excellent, friendly service and quality products!
Terri Johnson 05/14/22 — google
Yum. Highly recommend, Not a lot of seating inside but the breads and sandwiches are very good, Very nice ladies run this place; friendly. Clean.
Free Billy 01/22/22 — google
Great service and terrific food! Highly recommend
ANDREW PENNOCK 08/31/21 — google
Consistently high quality baked goods. Customer service is top notch. Can't go wrong with any of the choices including the day old.
Robert Owens 08/21/21 — google
The customer service here is truly amazing. I enjoyed my turkey pesto sandwich
Moji PSX 06/10/21 — google
Great Harvest Bread is always delicious, and I love all the bread, sandwiches, and goodies I've eaten there over the years. Never, ever disappointed. It's scrumptious, especially if you love bread, like I do.
Amy Anderson 04/18/21 — google
Used this Great Harvest location to cater for my wedding reception. Their manager was extremely helpful in coordinating with us on how many loaves we wanted and made sure they were fresh and ready for pick up right on time. Great variety, excellent service!
Leslie Dresser 02/10/21 — google
Great bread, great sandwiches.
Dustin Roethel 10/15/20 — google
Always super tasty bread and great customer service :)
Sarah Jaremko 10/12/20 — google
I love this place all of their bread is so good I love the cinnamon swirl but one of my favorites so simple is there a honey wheat cinnamon butter and it is to die for plus their staff is beyond sweet and polite definitely I recommend 100%
Zach Miller 01/30/20 — google
Love Great Harvest!! Best sandwiches and their bread is to die for! I love getting the beehive white bread and making French toast with it. The workers here are so friendly and give great, generous size samples! Also, can we talk about how incredible this place smells when you first walk in!?
Ericka Gilliland 01/25/20 — google
Superior customer service, excellent prices and amazing food!! Love Great Harvest Bread Co. ❤️
Kari Lockhart 12/20/19 — google
Delicious, healthy food! The pumpkin chocolate chip bread is amazing! The savory morning breakfast rolls are also excellent. You should also get a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich made on their high 5 fiber cranberry loaf. It's my favorite!
Linda Bernini 10/30/19 — google
Really good bread
Mitch Lunceford 09/2/19 — google
You can order any half sandwich and get it warmed. Most places require your to order a whole sandwich. They also have the most amazing treats and you get a free sample of something yummy. Their prices are really good.
Tercia Jarvis 08/30/19 — google
Pretty yummy. They have a few vegetarian sandwiches, mostly similar but options of toasting it. I love how everything is made fresh to order. Everyone is kind and professional, though I wasn't offered a slice of bread as I know they often do (and had plenty available). Oh well maybe they forgot and I wasn't going ask for one. Otherwise everything was good. The sandwich I got was pretty good. A little bland, lacking some flavor, and majorly lacking in some variety of textures. Kind of a big mush mess. I hope they see this and reconsider the ingredients to make a bit more pleasant of a sandwich. Don't get me wrong, it was good and I'd go again, but I'll also probably try to find a better one before I go back.
Clifford King 08/2/19 — google
Super friendly. A+ service
Bailey Banbury 07/17/19 — google
They made the most beautiful basket for me. Really well done and professional. They also hooked me up with giant samples so I’m a large fan 👌🏼🍞
Eric Forbush 06/23/19 — google
Great food and service
Cheryl Draper 04/29/19 — google
Best breakfast sandwiches so far! Also so friendly as to make accommodations and weird requests!
Maria Saavedra 04/29/19 — google
Away great service and bread.
R P (MrPoePoe) 04/12/19 — google
People are so friendly and have amazing food and great choices. They gave us bread to go feed the ducks. 😍 thanks guys you made our day!
Josie Jones 03/26/19 — google
Fabulous staff at a fabulous establishment. THE best sandwiches and treats around!
Adam Christiansen 03/23/19 — google
Excellent customer service and food! Every time I come here the staff is super nice and bends over backwards to help! The sandwiches are super fresh and always taste perfect!
Brandon Poulter 03/20/19 — google
Great way to enjoy time with family Great food
Yvonne Groen 02/8/19 — google
These people know what it's all about. Service with truly the customer in mind. Went in today to buy some loaves of bread to give as gifts, and walked out with everything I needed to make it happen -- did you know you could buy ribbon there (and cheap, too!)? I asked about it after seeing some pre-wrapped gift baskets, and they said that absolutely I could buy some ribbon, and that they have cellophane too if I wanted it. The super nice lady who helped me said they try and make it as easy as possible for the customer, because who wants to go to a craft store on top of getting the bread? She cut 5 lengths of beautiful ribbon for my five loaves of bread and even gave me two more lengths for two more loaves I had bought earlier that day. They even offered to tie the bows themselves. Made sure I had big beautiful loaves, replacing one I had chosen that looked totally fine to me, but apparently wasn't up to their visual standards. I love that they are all about doing their utmost best for the customer, including warm and genuine manners. They've earned my business for life.
Rochelle Griffin 12/18/18 — google
Great harvest is simply great!
yellowstreetlamps ! 10/19/18 — google
Everyone was very friendly and customer service was top notch!! :)
Russ Peterson 07/11/18 — google
Great sandwiches that are fresh! Wonderful employees that know good customer service. They always have a smile!
Ben Young 07/2/18 — google
Fast and friendly staff
B. W. 06/18/18 — google
WOW! I was up in Draper doing some shopping and stopped in here to grab a bite to eat. I'd never been here before, but I'm so glad I did! The sandwich I got was SO fresh and delish (The great harvest club)! They asked if I wanted to sample something and I wanted to try a bit of their cinnamon roll. I thought they would just cut off a little piece, but they gave me a whole cinnamon roll!! The staff was so friendly and helpful, and the store smells delicious. Would totally come again, the food was great and the price was very reasonable! :)
Logan Mondragon 05/8/18 — google
The bread is amazing as always, but I was disappointed in the basic grilled cheese I ordered for lunch. It was more smashed than grilled.
Alexis Mix 03/19/18 — google
I don’t love how expensive their menu is, but I still find myself going. The bread is amazing! Their sandwiches are delicious. Does anyone not like their cinnamon burst bread? It’s SO good!
Megan Ames 03/6/18 — google
There is nothing like the smell of baking bread. I was visiting the store next door, but the smell got me to visit them. Glad that they give a free slice! Bought rolls for dinner tomorrow.
Robyn Madsen 10/21/17 — google
The bread is always high quality. The sandwiches are good but standard. What really shines is the service, every employee there made sure to make sure we were happy and taken care of.
Kary Fahrner 10/13/17 — google
Very good everything
amandaleen davis 10/6/17 — google
Food was very fresh and flavorful and staff was very friendly.
Antonio Torres 09/12/17 — google
If you want the best bread, cookies, and cinnamon rolls ect. Come here
Elle G 08/21/17 — google
The price for the bread and everything else they sell is outrageously overpriced but it is equally outrageously delicious. We usually go with the white bread or honey whole wheat. Each loaf is a little over $5. The best part is the sample bread they give to everyone in your party, even if u just bought 1 loaf. There are usually 5 or more options. The pieces are generous. They have butter and honey you can spread on your sample and enjoy a little piece of heaven. They also make sandwiches with their delicious bread each one about $7.50 or more. The employees are usually highschool girls and they are really nice and polite to everyone.
Daniela Hansen 08/12/17 — google
Love the bread, variety, generous samples, and polite employees
Kurtis 07/21/17 — google
Love their bread...and I love even more that there is the Lo Carb bread. Takes a bit to get used to, but doing a low carb diet, this is awesome. freezes so well!
Kristen C 07/5/17 — google
This place is amazing such great food.
Heather White 06/29/17 — google
This is one of the best companies I have ever worked with! We were hosting a state competition at our high school and had great harvest cater. They were on time the food was fresh and they were extremely organized and amazing! Food it was a very reasonable price it looked great, it tasted great, and everybody was happy. Fantastic company,will definitely use them again if I ever need to cater!
Bailey Donohoo 04/24/17 — google
Great Harvest has some of the most amazing sandwiches. I love the free bread samples too!
Joshua Brereton 02/26/17 — google
The bread here at great harvest is outstanding. Often when you walk in there are fresh loaves you can get while they are still warm. The cinnamon burst bread is excellent for french toast especially with maple syrup, also it goes well with coconut butter and regular butter. If you want healthy they have many selections of whole grains coupled with berries or nuts. Then to top this off they have wide selection of things to compliment their breads as well as a lunch option!
Benergy Solutions 01/8/17 — google
First time I visited this shop I was on vacation and looking for a quick bite. I'm very glad I found this bakery. It's close to my office, and their sandwiches are fantastic. I always enjoy trying out one of their seasonal breads while I wait!
Nicholas Isola 12/8/16 — google
Wonderful bread! More expensive than the grocery store bread, but a wonderful treat for your favorite sandwich or toast.
Benjamin Baker 10/16/16 — google
Great quality bread!!! You can stop in for lunch. They have a sandwich menu.
Luke Vonderharr 10/7/16 — google
Love coming here for their Square Bread and a nice big sample slice. Friendly staff.
Jillian Fritz Christensen 06/6/16 — google
Everything is so good. My favorite is the pumpkin chocolate chip cake bread!
Brittany Wood 04/29/16 — google
Gotta love the garlic cheese bread they make only 1 day a week.
Darrell Logan 02/20/16 — google
Our favorite Great Harvest location! Employees always very kind, generous on the samples. Great bakers too, the food is always delicious and fresh. Go in before close, they'll always hook you up with extras.
Greg Nielsen 01/25/16 — google