Great Harvest Bread of Layton


Chicken Salad Sandwich on Harvest Wheat was delicious !! All 3 young ladies working ( Saturday, June 4th) the Lunch shift are to be commended. Great manners, nice smiles, helpful, and cleaning up (glass, mirrors, kitchen, etc) when not engaged with customers. I was happily impressed !!
Kenneth Erickson 06/24/23 — google
The bread makes the sandwich. Great Harvest has more then just bread, they have sweet treats and great sandwiches. The sandwich choices are limited. They also offer soft drinks. They also have limited hours. So check before arriving in the morning or evening
Bryan B 05/4/23 — google
Great Harvest has the best cinnamon roll.. Just 20 seconds in the microwave and you will have the fond memory of grandma’s cinnamon roll without the work. Easy living made good! Joan Hadley
Joan Hadley 02/24/23 — google
Lots of yummy desserts! Bread is amazing! Good prices!
Heidi Boatright 02/21/23 — google
What started out as a terrible experience, completely turned around. I made an online order for a dozen cinnamon rolls for my daughter's birthday. When I arrived to pick them up, I got blank stares. The kids said they were just closers and didn't do any baking or know what to do. I asked if they could refund me so I could go figure something else out at that point (since my party was starting in 30 min) and I got more blank stares. After more excuses and deflection of responsibility, I finally had to tell them to take my info and have their manager call me. Thankfully, my order was refunded the next day, and when they opened first thing Monday morning, the owner personally called me to apologize. He explained he has an entirely new team but that was still no excuse to not be taken care of. He reassured me of his efforts to better train his new team. Then he said he made 12 cinnamon rolls for me and hand delivered them. Then he went above and beyond by adding a gift card to the package he delivered. I am so thoroughly impressed and grateful for this experience. I know Joe is doing a wonderful job with this store. I originally thought I'd never want to go back, but now I want to go back and support as much as I can. Thank you Joe!
Nicole Ballantyne 11/7/22 — google
This 5 star review is for the new "Peach Cobbler" cinnamon roll! So good, and perfect for this time of year. Peaches are in season and need to be eaten, this is a great way to enjoy your peach!
Blair Butler 09/9/22 — google
The manager Caden is super personable and made the cinnamon rolls fresh. The business is always clean and their service is incredible!
Bryce Dahlberg 08/17/22 — google
love coming here - such good bread! only problem today is that it was busy and one of the workers seemed to be on facetime the entire time I was in the store. it’s usually fine and I don’t mind waiting, but she was loud and everyone seemed to be annoyed with it.
Michelle Hicks 06/4/22 — google
Delaine Thorpe 02/14/22 — google
Super friendly, wonderful sandwich, best cinnamon roll!!
Bonnie Nowicki 10/21/21 — google
Awesome as always! Friendly service and great breads
kyle denning 02/13/21 — google
arrived at six, it was not packed. it has a good interior.
nathaniel castro 11/9/20 — google
I love this place.
Paloma Stafford 11/6/20 — google
Thanks guys
Nate Gailey 10/20/20 — google
Fantastic. Unfortunately they are not doing the free slice of bread with a purchase due to Covid, but still exceptional service and great quality.
Chase D 07/16/20 — google
I love their Popeye bread....their sandwiches have not disappointed yet! 😉
Juliet Jones 07/15/20 — google
Definitely a great spot for bread, sweets, and lunch. BLT was amazing! Super friendly staff/ employees. Highly recommend 💯👍🏽
We Are Emma & Tommy 07/10/20 — google
Got a blt on white. It was grilled and had a nice sauce. Tomato was fresh and plentiful. Also bought a loaf of cinnamon bread. It is always fresh. You can count on consistent quality with their bread. Very courteous and friendly staff. Please consider giving their sandwiches a try. The cost difference between a fast food meal and a meal at Great Harvest Bread is minimal and it’s a quaint place to relax with your friends, family or all alone. I don’t think I even have to rave about their bread, as it’s the best around. I always buy some white bread and a loaf of cinnamon bread. While you are there they’ll give you a complementary piece of bread with a big smear of butter on it. You can’t beat that!
screaming old man 06/12/20 — google
The best bread.been in business for years
Jeffrey Saxton 01/11/20 — google
Love Great Harvest Bread. They always do a great job.
Tracy Leavitt 12/22/19 — google
Delicious took a bit of time, and they gave us free cookies, definitely worth it.
nathan moody 10/11/19 — google
Good food, always smells good.
Virginia Burwell 09/26/19 — google
Great bread, delicious sandwiches, friendly staff!
Chris Schendel 09/22/19 — google
I was first there in April 2017. I had a muffin, some white bread, and Dakota Wheat bread. Well worth the price, this is gourmet bread. Only thing is the white bread had a little too much sodium according to the label. I could kind if taste it. For this reason, I am hesitant to frequently shop there. Also, I had blend rolls later, and every batch I bought was slightly under baked and a tad doughy and this is a recurring issue that keeps me from going more.
Retro Cloud 7 04/4/19 — google
Great customer service, product and atmosphere!
Parker Neeley 12/21/18 — google
Friendly service and a great selection of breads. The lunch menu is yummy! The chocolate chip bread from Great Harvest tastes much better than from the 'other' bakery store. Taste the difference!
Sarah Smith 12/9/18 — google
I LOVE Great Harvest Bakery!!! Not only is everything they make to die for, the people will make anyone having a bad day turn their frown into a big smile. 😁
Angelia Camper 11/30/18 — google
Good good, good service, I like coming here to grab a chicken salad sandwich.
Jessica Pettet 11/11/18 — google
This place is soooo good! Love their soups and bread. Their sandwiches are fresh and amazing also!
Austin Garrett 11/9/18 — google
Awesome staff and great food
Logan Lees 09/26/18 — google
Great sandwiches & bread!
Jay Ripley 07/18/18 — google
I come here all the time with my girlfriends! They just LOVE the harvest veggie sandwich and we always buy our freshly made bread.
Kathi Sutton 05/31/18 — google
Wife and I come here to get our veggie sandwiches & boy are they pretty good! they're one of my favorite things to get here, always fresh bread and fresh ingredients
Ross Farnsworth 05/16/18 — google
I come in here pretty often and I always receive excellent customer service. All the girls are so sweet and really take care of everyone. I love the freshness of the products and how it feels home cooked! The sandwiches are to die for, super desirable in my opinion. I just discovered the lunch loft upstairs and I know where I’ll be spending most of my time. Love it
Katie Bucy 04/4/18 — google
Nice service, selection, and quality of food.
Jennifer Krohn 02/19/18 — google
Wonderful taste but a little bit pricey.
Michael Berrett 12/28/17 — google
The food is fantastic and the service is decent, but the girls that helped us were very abrupt, and honestly could use some work on there customer service skills.
Meagan Shupe 11/9/17 — google
Absolutely fantastic sandwiches. A must visit lunch place in Layton!
Michael P 10/27/17 — google
The bread tasted great from this location. I just wish the offered my bread request more than once per week (sourdough) and had good options for specialty bread options (bread bowls), but they don't. They have in house sandwich dining which is great and some great desserts like fresh sticky buns.
Melissa Chidester 10/18/17 — google
Great place to go for lunch. Definitely won't let you down
Grant Tabor 10/13/17 — google
Great Soup and Sandwiches the Roast Beef Panini has been a favorite of mine.
Richard Snyder 10/13/17 — google
Very good bread and sandwiches. Also great oatmeal rasin cookies.
Bart Mortensen 09/15/17 — google
Great Service and great bread, We ran in 15 min before they closed on a saturday and they were patient, did not rush us and helped us find the perfect loaf!
Viyx 06/24/17 — google
Everything is delicious
Terri Henehan 06/5/17 — google
Not all Great Harvest stores are created equal. But this one is deffinentlly the best I have found. Their Mazurka bars are my favorite.
hyson torne 06/4/17 — google
I love Great Harvest. Everything is hot and fresh or cold and fresh. It has a home town feel. Amazingly friendly people. I had a special order of sugar cookies made for Santa...sooooooooo good! Prices are great! What is not to love? It's my favorite place in the whole world to eat!
Lori Loucks 04/20/17 — google
Fun place to get a small snack with the kids and great bread for dinner. The staff is always happy and nice and the sample of bread is always good.
Karli Rae 03/22/17 — google
Great bread, great people, great environment, and great customer service. I've been a customer on and off for the last 15 years. The quality is and always has been excellent.
Steven Sutherland 03/2/17 — google
Delicious bread and good service. Not the best location.
Maranda Nielson 02/4/17 — google
Free fresh baked bread slices!
Tom Morgan 01/19/17 — google
Great fresh bread, and fresh coffee, sandwiches for lunch too!
Cliff Freer 09/10/16 — google
Awesome bread. Better treats! Plus, locally owned and operated by rad folks.
Jordan Jensen 03/26/16 — google
Excellent sandwiches.
Blake Thurgood 11/17/15 — google
This is one of the best joints around. The grilled cheese is to die for! The owners are some of the nicest people you will meet. Love this place!
jordan crosby 04/23/15 — google
Love this store! The food is amazing, always fresh and delicious! The atmosphere of this location is by far my favorite! It's big and homey, just the way a bakery should be! Plus the people make you feel like family, always helpful and kind and smiling! Seems like it would be a great place to work too!
Jessica Nye 04/9/15 — google
Awesome bread, delicious treats, and hearty sandwiches! This place is AMAZING! My friends and family love when I bring fresh bread and yummy sweets as a hostess gift... and I always have to buy a cookie to sample! It is so nice to treat yourself to a giant cookie!! Yummy!!
Maggie Pigg 04/1/15 — google
Every time I go into this Great Harvest location, I'm greeted with a smile, offered an enormous slice of free bread to sample, and walk away with delicious, healthy, fresh baked goods. Everyone in my family loves this place for different reasons and they have something for everyone. I love the Honey Whole wheat, my wife loves the Cinnamon Burst (try making french toast with it!), and the kids LOVE their Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread. The employees always seem to be having a great time while working, and that positivity and energy is infectious. I always leave with a bigger smile on my face than I came in with.
Bryan McCracken 03/27/15 — google
Always love going to Great Harvest. Their apple crumble bread is too die for. They always have a great vibe going on in the store and the employees are always so friendly. We love a good slice of bread a soup at lunch time too.
Nancy Jackson 03/26/15 — google
Absolutely love Cathy & Bourke! Bread is delicious,food is fantastic, staff is always friendly and welcoming. Still has the old school home-town feel to it. Love this location and store!
Julia Bullard 03/25/15 — google
There's no place like Great Harvest. The minute you walk in the door you're hit with the fantastic smell of freshly baked bread. A few seconds later you're greeted with a friendly hello and a fresh slice of bread! The Hi-Five Fiber is my absolute favorite. I love crunchy bread, and it is the best of all crunchy breads that I've ever had. PBJ's on Hi-Five Fiber. Do it. Love it. You won't regret it. Don't pass this place up for lunch or breakfast (I drool thinking about their breakfast sandwiches). And if you have a gluten free friend in your midst don't fret- they have salads. Fantastic beautiful salads. As for their lunch sandwiches I can never decide if the Chicken Salad sandwich is my favorite or the RB Panini is my favorite. They're all fantastic- but those two stand out in my mind.
Karlie McKinnon 03/25/15 — google