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Real Food, Made Right, By Real People

At Great Harvest, we are committed to making exceptional bread. We are a bread company first, and above all, we do bread right. That means we use simple, honest ingredients and the best baking methods rather than the fastest or cheapest way. It takes longer, but we’ve found there are no shortcuts to making exceptional bread, and that’s what we are here to do. Our approach to bread making and business has always been to do things the right way, and as our menu has grown, that philosophy extends to our other products as well.

When you order a sandwich at your neighborhood bakery cafe, you get fresh, real food, made by a real person who is happy to make it for you. The outside of your sandwich will be as good as the inside. It will be served on bread that is not just fresh baked, but also freshly made from fresh ground flour — instead of frozen, mass-produced dough.

It may be the best sandwich you’ve ever tasted. On the best bread you’ve ever tasted. You may realize you’ve never had a sandwich on fresh bread before this. You will probably remember this sandwich and want to come back for another one. And another. That is why we don’t cut corners.

Stop by our neighborhood bakery cafe in Layton and see for yourself. We’ll save you a slice!

What Our Customers Say

  • Awesome
    Delaine Thorpe 02/14/22 — google
  • Super friendly, wonderful sandwich, best cinnamon roll!!
    Bonnie Nowicki 10/21/21 — google
  • The bread makes the sandwich. Great Harvest has more then just bread, they have sweet treats and great sandwiches. The sandwich choices are limited but the choices that are available are popular. They also offer soft drinks and a few veggie/fruit drinks. If you want some amazing bread or a great place to stop this above average price bread store that sells sandwichs is the perfect stop for lunch.
    Bryan B 10/18/21 — google
  • Awesome as always! Friendly service and great breads
    kyle denning 02/13/21 — google
  • arrived at six, it was not packed. it has a good interior.
    nathaniel castro 11/9/20 — google
  • I love this place.
    Paloma Stafford 11/6/20 — google
  • Thanks guys
    Nate Gailey 10/20/20 — google
  • Fantastic. Unfortunately they are not doing the free slice of bread with a purchase due to Covid, but still exceptional service and great quality.
    Chase D 07/16/20 — google
  • I love their Popeye bread....their sandwiches have not disappointed yet! 😉
    Juliet Jones 07/15/20 — google
  • Definitely a great spot for bread, sweets, and lunch. BLT was amazing! Super friendly staff/ employees. Highly recommend 💯👍🏽
    We Are Emma & Tommy 07/10/20 — google
  • Got a blt on white. It was grilled and had a nice sauce. Tomato was fresh and plentiful. Also bought a loaf of cinnamon bread. It is always fresh. You can count on consistent quality with their bread. Very courteous and friendly staff. Please consider giving their sandwiches a try. The cost difference between a fast food meal and a meal at Great Harvest Bread is minimal and it’s a quaint place to relax with your friends, family or all alone. I don’t think I even have to rave about their bread, as it’s the best around. I always buy some white bread and a loaf of cinnamon bread. While you are there they’ll give you a complementary piece of bread with a big smear of butter on it. You can’t beat that!
    screaming old man 06/12/20 — google
  • The best bread.been in business for years
    Jeffrey Saxton 01/11/20 — google
  • Love Great Harvest Bread. They always do a great job.
    Tracy Leavitt 12/22/19 — google
  • Delicious took a bit of time, and they gave us free cookies, definitely worth it.
    nathan moody 10/11/19 — google
  • Good food, always smells good.
    Virginia Burwell 09/26/19 — google
  • Great bread, delicious sandwiches, friendly staff!
    Chris Schendel 09/22/19 — google
  • I was first there in April 2017. I had a muffin, some white bread, and Dakota Wheat bread. Well worth the price, this is gourmet bread. Only thing is the white bread had a little too much sodium according to the label. I could kind if taste it. For this reason, I am hesitant to frequently shop there. Also, I had blend rolls later, and every batch I bought was slightly under baked and a tad doughy and this is a recurring issue that keeps me from going more.
    Retro Cloud 7 04/4/19 — google
  • Great customer service, product and atmosphere!
    Parker Neeley 12/21/18 — google
  • Friendly service and a great selection of breads. The lunch menu is yummy! The chocolate chip bread from Great Harvest tastes much better than from the 'other' bakery store. Taste the difference!
    Sarah Smith 12/9/18 — google
  • I LOVE Great Harvest Bakery!!! Not only is everything they make to die for, the people will make anyone having a bad day turn their frown into a big smile. 😁
    Angelia Camper 11/30/18 — google