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Catering Delivery in Provo


Great Harvest classic breakfast options including, yogurt, muffins, and juice.


Our bakery breakfast catering arrangements are always warm and welcoming, no matter what season. Try Great Harvest Bread of Provo for your next breakfast catering event!

Great Harvest classic sandwhich with fresh veggies and homemade bread.


Choose from our yummy selection of signature sandwiches, salads and soup for your next catering event. You'll see fresh makes all the difference!

Great Harvest classic treat options with fresh baked goods daily.


Our Great Harvest Bread of Provo bakery offers some of the most healthy, and tasty treats around. Check out our catering menu to see what delicious goodies we can provide for your event.

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Provo Bakery Catering Delivery

If you have an event coming up (a wedding, a party, a corporate event, etc.) Great Harvest Bread of Provo offers healthy catering filled with fresh menu items that are sure to impress and satisfy. Not only is it delicious, but it's also convenient. We are more than happy to deliver catering orders for a small delivery fee. Same day delivery is available for smaller orders, for larger orders 24 hr notice is needed.

Our Provo catering delivery orders are highly customizable, giving you the freedom to tailor specific orders for every person you need to serve. We offer personalized box lunch catering as well as platters that include a variety of delicious items, from breakfast to lunch foods that include muffins, sandwiches, cookies, granola, salads, and breads. Your guests will be more than satisfied with their own customized serving, ensuring a memorable meal for all.

Next time you're in need of catering for an event, consider ordering from our fresh menu here at Great Harvest Bread of Provo. We guarantee quality and a speedy delivery with our catering orders, and we strive to exceed your expectations. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!

What Our Customers Say

  • Our company called the Provo Great Harvest to have a gift basket delivered and were extremely pleased! Duncan was kind, provided excellent service, and they delivered it within several hours. A great idea for companies looking for attractive gift baskets!
    Di Lunt 04/14/23 — google
  • Great Harvest prioritizes customer service, and they do a great job at going above and beyond to serve their customers! Their sandwiches are very yummy, and I LOVE their treats! Additionally, their bread is the freshest you can get anywhere because they mill their flour on-site daily, and they don't use a bunch of preservatives, so it's healthier, too! My mom and I have been going here for years to get our bread because it's so much better than the bread we could get at the grocery store! Also, they are very kind to their employees, which I very much appreciate!
    Esther Laird 03/24/23 — google
  • Simple but great sandwiches. We got the BLT and a breakfast sandwich served by a very friendly staff.
    H D 03/18/23 — google
  • 1st time here! Great place! This will be a new go to for us! Fresh delicious sandwiches, soup. Irish chocolate chip bread is great, but probably limited time. Staff is great. We were well pleased.πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Renea Burt (Waynay) 03/10/23 — google
  • Their bread samples are huge. Shout out to them for feeding my husband when he was in college and pretty poor - free sample of bread and a $1.98 coke got him through lunch some days!
    Heather Franklin 02/28/23 — google
  • Such a good good!! Very healthy too.
    Crystal Fast 02/24/23 — google
  • I ordered a Classic Turkey sandwich & a brownie thru UberEats, & I absolutely LOVED it! I like how I was able to customize the toppings of my sandwich, which is a necessity for me since I'm autistic. There was just the right amount of mayo, the turkey was moist, & the lettuce was wonderfully crisp! And The Brownie - fudgy, chocolatey, & surprisingly MASSIVE!! Thank you very much for a first-rate lunch!
    Owlix J 01/27/23 — google
  • Amazing place, great price, and spectacular food. Their cinnamon rolls are out of this world and each time I go they push me further and further away from my dream of being a swimsuit model. Worth it. And believe it or not, the customer service was better than the food. Shout out to Hallie who we could tell actually cared about the what the Great Harvest brand stands for and who wasn't just cared about making sales and pumping out food like the guys over at Kneaders. We walked in and she made us feel like we had been friends for months. You can't teach that. 4 of the 5 stars go to the fact that they were smart enough to employ a worker like Hallie. Whoever her boss is, if you happen to peep this review, please give her a raise. Not for her sake but for yours. You definitely want her to stick around.
    Ammon Hasson 01/9/23 — google
  • Excellent bread!
    Craig Fisher 12/28/22 — google
  • I needed buns for my business and they were very professional. I am a very happy customer. I definitely recommend them. They matched the buns I use. Thank you so much, Garret Smith with Burger Pioneers.
    β€’MoonLuxeβ€’ 12/9/22 — google
  • Excellent customer service! And delicious food of course. Love their orange cinnamon rolls
    Owen Laurie 11/7/22 — google
  • Friendly staff and great priced sandwiches for what you get. Desserts are to die for and reasonably priced as well. Great experiences multiple times I have visited them
    Noah Jorgensen 10/24/22 — google
  • The best bread 🍞 since my mom's! πŸ‘
    Daniel Maughan 10/10/22 — google
  • Always loved their bread. Used to take it back to California when we visited.
    Richard Savage 10/8/22 — google
  • Great sandwich spot and their desserts are so good! The oatmeal choco chip is my favorite.
    Nicole 09/27/22 — google
  • Amazing food, and excellent service! The owner of this specific location Josh was very helpful and went out of his way to help me and it was an excellent experience! Definitely recommend!
    Ashley Fielding 08/29/22 — google
  • Love this bread and I love this store!
    For You 07/6/22 — google
  • Best bread in town
    Todd Wood 07/2/22 — google
  • Great sandwiches and pastries. Favorite place for lunch
    Jim Rees 06/20/22 — google
  • Wow. Just wow. That was the BEST WAY to end a long work day!! Thanks for the DELICIOUS sandwich! πŸ™
    Katelyn Warnick 06/6/22 — google