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Real Food, Made Right, By Real People

At Great Harvest, we are committed to making exceptional bread. We are a bread company first, and above all, we do bread right. That means we use simple, honest ingredients and the best baking methods rather than the fastest or cheapest way. It takes longer, but we’ve found there are no shortcuts to making exceptional bread, and that’s what we are here to do. Our approach to bread making and business has always been to do things the right way, and as our menu has grown, that philosophy extends to our other products as well.

When you order a sandwich at your neighborhood bakery cafe, you get fresh, real food, made by a real person who is happy to make it for you. The outside of your sandwich will be as good as the inside. It will be served on bread that is not just fresh baked, but also freshly made from fresh ground flour — instead of frozen, mass-produced dough.

It may be the best sandwich you’ve ever tasted. On the best bread you’ve ever tasted. You may realize you’ve never had a sandwich on fresh bread before this. You will probably remember this sandwich and want to come back for another one. And another. That is why we don’t cut corners.

Stop by our neighborhood bakery cafe in Provo and see for yourself. We’ll save you a slice!

What Our Customers Say

  • Best local sandwich I've had in a while. Wish I would have known earlier.
    Bret Nelson 05/14/22 — google
  • I ordered hot cross buns as a gift for a few friends. They were ready when I arrived. The employees helped me take them to my car. The buns were great.
    Thayne Bailey 05/6/22 — google
  • Hands down, the best choice for pumpkin chocolate chip bread. they start to make the coconut cream in the spring and it Amazing. Highly recommend this store in provo.
    c'est si bon 04/27/22 — google
  • I love the short list of ingredients on their whole wheat loaf, freshly milled whole wheat!, anyone who understands this difference from processed wheat will surely appreciate the nutrition. The ladies here have awesome customer service, very nice and helpful, the place is kept clean and they even have a cafe', tried the turkey sandwich and it was great and fresh!
    Petroglyphtic Joe 03/23/22 — google
  • I've become a regular awesome bread. The butter ham sandwich is πŸ”₯
    Matt Bevington 03/17/22 — google
  • I went to Great Harvest Bread to try some sandwiches a couple night ago. I love a place that makes fresh bread. The store just smells amazing. Another sweet thing about placing an order is while you wait, they have a couple loafs of bread from their selection that day and they give you a nice thick slice of bread. I decided to try their cherry chocolate bread with some butter and honey. Wow! This loaf is amazing. Honestly it was so moist that it was on the border of cake. I ordered a turkey pesto panini on white bread and a sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich on cracked wheat bread. I never thought to dip a turkey pesto panini in some balsamic vinegar, but that was a nice sweet/tang to the sandwich that gave it just the right kick. The cracked wheat bread for the breakfast sandwich was also really good. I'm not a cracked wheat fan, but Great Harvest definitely changed my mind about that. If you like great freshly made bread, this is the place to be. Definitely go check them out and remember to support your local businesses. πŸ˜πŸ€™ @greatharvest @greatharvestprovo #thisishowichow
    Yung-Kang Li 01/27/22 — google
  • Best wheat bread in the state!
    Marie Olson 01/20/22 — google
  • Best employees in the world!! You can’t beat the whole wheat pecan sticky buns or the Cinnamon Burst bread.
    Kate Ashton 01/8/22 — google
  • Best Bread store Utah County has to offer. Try it. Its a must.
    Michael Mangan 01/7/22 — google
  • Stopped in for a late Christmas gift and was meet with the friendliest people. Everyone here was happy, friendly and helpful. Great breads and they assembled my basket while I was waiting. The sample of cinnamon bread was amazing. I will definitely return to this location, they do customer service right!
    Michael Villarruel 12/24/21 — google
  • The selection of bread is crazy, it is hard to decide which ones to get, they will have what you need, and they have great gifts for most of your family and friends, thank you for everything.
    Sieme Doulos 12/17/21 — google
  • Great employees, great bread, solid all around
    Christian Rowley 12/2/21 — google
  • Excellent variety and great prices for good quality products.
    Kyle Reynolds 11/2/21 — google
  • Such a cute little shop. Very warm and welcoming. Got the turkey avocado sandwich and it was so good the bread is very fresh cause they make it! And I also got their soup and it was also very flavorful and good. Everything was fresh and homemade just like I like it. Staff was super nice too!
    Alexis Davis 10/22/21 — google
  • Love this store. Great variety of bread. Always fresh and healthy.
    Elizabeth Fielding 10/12/21 — google
  • YUM!
    Deborah Belnap 10/2/21 — google
  • Great veggie sandwiches and the free bread samples are huge and amazing. It also smells amazing in here.
    Rachel Whitlock 09/13/21 — google
  • Good service and food
    Karen Vera 09/8/21 — google
  • Best bread in the Valley
    Marcia Flake 09/1/21 — google
  • Bro this bussssssssssssssin, deez nuts?
    reggieotter 08/25/21 — google