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Our Fresh Lunch Menu in Provo

Great Harvest Lunch Menu Provo

Choose from our yummy selection of our Provo lunch menu, Grilled Sandwiches, or custom made gourmet sandwiches.

Fresh bread makes ALL the difference! Our bread is baked daily here at the bakery in Provo, and all our sandwiches are made to order. You choose your favorite variety of bread, and we do the rest. Great Harvest sandwich catering and box lunches are perfect for lunch catering Provo for office meeting, we deliver!

Turkey Cranberry

H|$5.50 W|$7.25

Turkey, seasoned mayo, cranberry sauce, provolone cheese, onion, tomato, pickle, banana pepper, salt & pepper.

Chicken Salad

H|$5.50 W|$7.25

Shredded chicken, sweet & spicy pecans, dried cranberries, seasoned mayo, cheddar cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, salt & pepper

Classic Turkey

H|$5.50 W|$7.25

Turkey, seasoned mayo, mustard, provolone cheese, onion, tomato, pickle, salt & pepper.

Classic Ham & Cheese

H|$5.50 W|$7.25

Ham, seasoned mayo, mustard, cheddar cheese, onion, tomato, pickle, salt & pepper.

Grilled Turkey Pesto

H|$5.50 W|$7.25

Smoked turkey, swiss cheese, pesto, balsamic vinegar, red onion, tomato, lettuce

Buttered Ham

H|$5.50 W|$7.25

Ham, poppyseed butter, apple butter, swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, grilled on two slices of Great Harvest Bread



Grilled Cheese


Kids Meal


Small sandwich - Choose from turkey, ham or roast beef, comes with american cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo and mustard. Includes side of fruit and kid drink

Small Soup of the Day


Large Soup of the Day


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We are baking fresh bread daily. Now is a good time to stock up. Our bread freezes well! Double bag your bread and wait 24 hours after baking to freeze.


Our bakery breakfast catering arrangements are always warm and welcoming, no matter what season. Try Great Harvest Bread Utah, for your next breakfast catering event!


Our Great Harvest Bread Utah bakery offers the perfect alternative to fast food with our delicious breads and fresh salads made daily!


Nothing brightens your day like a giant cinnamon roll or a double fudge brownie! We're still baking all your favorite sweet treats.


Every season we offer a few fun treats to help create tradition with your family and friends. Any of these items can be made at any time during the year with a minimum order of 6 and at least 48 hours advanced notice.