Great Harvest Bread of South Ogden


Love stopping at this place is awesome
Tana Bailey 02/6/23 — google
The bread is pricey but extremely good
Kevin Marker 01/17/23 — google
Always good
Melanie Williams 01/11/23 — google
Great bread and muffins
Amber Walker 12/26/22 — google
Grilled turkey and Pesto is top notch !!
Ash Montandon 12/9/22 — google
Great bread, great cookies. Nice location. Love to come here.
Jeremy Griffin 11/29/22 — google
Great Sandwich. Little expensive for a sandwich.
Kurt Lyman 07/6/22 — google
Best home made bread commercially made. Had a great sandwich today. Today I was served very well from saff when I needed box lunches for an activity for ladies to enjoy. These people have been helping me to provide great food and I am very pleased with the arrangements. Thank you Great Harvest !!!
Mary Cornelsen 06/3/22 — google
Been in here numerous times and have never had a bad experience! Each time was in the afternoon when the teenagers are working. You would think that teenagers would be screwing around and playing when there's no adults but not here. I have always been treated like I was a cherished guest here and the employees have always been very cheerful and apologetic when they were out of something I wanted and were quick to suggest something similar for me to order. Today was Olivia and she was absolutely wonderful and that smile of hers really brightened my gloomy day.
Fred Elliott 05/26/22 — google
The South Ogden store is the good one. The recipes seem different from when they first opened over 25 years ago, my mom and dad went to the Midvale store and I remember the bread being heavier and softer. But still good.
RBS 1 03/22/22 — google
Looking for an old school a patisserie where I can find different types of breads, just simple breads...can't find anything in Davis and Weber counties...why? Stopped by Great Harvest on my way home around 10 in the morning. While it wasnt what i was really looking for, they did have some choices, so that i don't go home empty handed. There was a steady stream of people. I walked through once to get a chocolate pumpkin bread, and I guess I got the discounted one...I never go to GH, so I didn't even know what I was doing. I got in my car, and my wife told me to go back in and get the orange cranberry bread. I went back in ordered a fresh loaf, and a tea scone. When I checked out the girl gave me a slice of orange cranberry bread to sample. It was really good. People are nice, bread taste great. Store is pretty cool place to visit. Would recommend, but still looking for an old school bakery with breads 🍞. 😃 maybe they don't exist?
Ati So'o 03/21/22 — google
Amazing bread!!! Sourdough is my favorite! Outstanding customer service every time!!
Alyson Williams 01/15/22 — google
Really yummy breads!
Jonathon Montgomery 01/9/22 — google
Great selection, reasonable prices
Stephanie Burnett 12/26/21 — google
Good sandwiches and bread. Some tasty treats as well.
Justin Bell 12/16/21 — google
Awesome soup and sandwiches! Great service too!
Terry Bay 11/26/21 — google
Best bakery around always high quality and employee's are always friendly. For someone who doesn't bake it's a great place to get all your baked goods.
Lee Cragun 11/24/21 — google
Always, and I mean always, get the pumpkin bread.
Carlie Chatfield 11/17/21 — google
Sandwiches are great and the staff is awesome!
Tyson Hutchison 10/31/21 — google
Thank you so much for doing a great job on our gift basket today. My neighbor loved it!! 💜 🍞 and 🍪
Penny Dubach 10/13/21 — google
Yummy breads and cookies! I love thir sandwiches too, but my husband prefers Kneaders fresh turkey and real avocado. But they still make great sandwiches, good soups and luscious breads and cookies!
Mary Johnson 08/21/21 — google
Love love their sandwiches and sweets!
Lisa Russell 06/25/21 — google
Delicious bread, great sandwiches!
Cody Stone 05/23/21 — google
Karess Miner 05/20/21 — google
Wonderful chicken salad
beverly palmer 05/15/21 — google
Excellent establishment with savory bread
Chon 04/24/21 — google
Awesome place ! LOVE THIER BREAD!
Reva Tripp 01/3/21 — google
Great selection of breads and all of Red's I have purchased there are delicious
Gary Phillis 01/1/21 — google
Love it!!!
Pam Smith 11/19/20 — google
I would have given 5 stars except for the customer service. We asked for butter. the girl said you dont have any....isn't this a bakery? Is it Byob bring your own butter?
Michelle Post 10/22/20 — google
If you want quality go here
Boyd Crook 09/29/20 — google
Ordered a Asiago Sourdough Loaf. So tasty!
April Allen 09/27/20 — google
The bread should be a little thicker for sandwiches but it was good food.
Gary H 08/26/20 — google
Great place for light lunch. The sandwiches and treats are delicious! My favorite is their turkey sandwich and the chocolate chip pumpkin bread. I ventured out of my comfort zone and got the blueberry, coconut muffins and was impressed. All so delish!
Alison P 07/2/20 — google
My sister and I ordered their turkey and avocado sandwiches. The sandwiches were freshly made, they were delicious! Also we bought two of their coconut cakes. The cakes were wonderful! The employee who took our order and made the sandwiches was very friendly and professional. We are definitely going back to this Great Harvest Bread Co.
EllaRae Mansour 05/25/20 — google
Always delicious food and wonderful service consistently!
Dianne Adams 04/16/20 — google
I have buying from south ogden great harvest for years great quality and freshness! Thank you♥️
Debbra J Callahan 03/16/20 — google
Great Harvest Bread is always great. Eating there is a treat. Their food is fresh and delicious.
Syd Starley 03/11/20 — google
I love this place but today they were out of the advertised soup, harvest blend bread and the free sample of bread included the pumpkin. My youngest daughter was not impressed.
Shae Dearden 02/4/20 — google
Fast, clean, yum, breakfast was really good, tasty and filling.
Jason Fox 01/26/20 — google
Great food. Absolutely love their breads.
Roxanne Russell 01/25/20 — google
My favorite sandwich is at Great Harvest. I love the wheat bread and fresh Turkey, provolone and vegetables.
Wendy Fisher 01/22/20 — google
Great for lunch and sweets! Delicious bread as always
Rachelle Roberts 01/18/20 — google
Delicious fresh baked goods and food, staff rocks, the food can change from each destination
Abbi Burtis 01/14/20 — google
Sooooooooo good the only bad part was they didn't have enough deliciousness
JJ Elbrader 12/17/19 — google
Great and pleasant service. Good food
Julie Turner 12/11/19 — google
I love the food here it's a great place to stop for a sweet treat before work
Kittiekatsa 11/18/19 — google
Would go everyday if I could. And to think they employed me years ago in Texas.
David Andrews 11/3/19 — google
So delicious. Whole foods.
Scott Mccabe 11/3/19 — google
I would definitely go get these guys food they will not disappoint they make one of the most unbelievably great turkey club that I have ever had and of course it's on their thick cut bread of whatever bread that you like I love their honey whole wheat that is one of my favorites even by itself with a little bit of butter or honey butter it is to die for
Zach Miller 11/1/19 — google
Great for lunch and even better gifts for neighbors and coworkers
DanTheDK! 10/5/19 — google
Something I crave!! Just the smell makes me so happy!
Megan Wilgar 10/4/19 — google
Love this place! Great customer service, delicious pastry, cinnamon rolls, and bread!
Marilee Isaacson 10/4/19 — google
Very nice atmosphere. Friendly staff. Good food. Comforting.
Donna Willmon 10/1/19 — google
Excellent sandwiches fast. Great place to get a quick bite for lunch.
Greg Dingman 09/29/19 — google
Fresh. Can't go wrong with fresh
Donna Bragg 09/24/19 — google
You have to love fresh baked bread in store everyday. So many varieties. Such yummy samples.
Glen Fitch 09/15/19 — google
Still good
Robert Sarlo 09/15/19 — google
Excellent bread!
Tee Mullino 08/13/19 — google
Great place for bread. Great harvest is great. This location is a little bit bigger than some I’ve seen. The breads are always amazing and the baked goods are great. The cinnamon rolls are wonderful. The plain white bread and wheat bread are great.
FAKE NAME 08/7/19 — google