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Fall into Healthy Eating - Great Harvest Bread of Logan

Posted on Sep 24th 2018


Fall into Healthy Eating - Great Harvest Bread of Logan

With fall just around the corner, let's make a new season's resolution to recommit to healthy eating! And don't worry, eating healthy does not mean giving up taste for health. These choices will help you to not break your resolution anytime soon. Here are some tips to healthier eating this fall, from your favorite healthy restaurants in Logan.

Healthy Eating is Not The Same as Dieting

Let's repeat that: healthy eating is not the same as dieting. Eating healthy is simply choosing the better, whole foods, but not cutting out the treats completely. Fall is coming so have that pumpkin pie. But the key is having one slice and before that, have a full dinner. Healthy eating is eating in moderation. Balance in less fats and calories and add in protein, complex sugars and fibers. For a more balanced fall, try these healthy options!

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Yummy fall soups and stews are't off the table this season. From broths to stews, soups are incredibly versatile. They can be packed with goodies such as veggies, potatoes and protein for a filling, hearty and healthy meal or you can opt for a low calorie soup by keeping it light and simple.

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Fruits and Vegetables

Apples, pears, grapes are fruits in season this fall. Sweet potatoes, cauliflower and pomegranates as well. Buying fresh produce is cheaper and more nutritious and buying newly harvested foods is a great way to support local farms as well.

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Drinking Water

Humans are about 60% water, and keeping yourself hydrated can benefit you all around. Being hydrated promotes weight loss, strengthens brain power and improves your complexion. But did you know, it also prevents backaches, regulates your temperature, and prevents bad breath?

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Whole Breads

Bread is best when made with simple, whole and quality ingredients. Stay away from processed grains and preservatives as much as possible. There's many options out there, so visit a local bakery for delicious whole breads. The next one you try may become your favorite.

Beautifully baked bread with Great Harvest.

Don't wait for the new year to start up your resolutions again or make a new one. Choose right now to eat healthy, or start exercising. Make the next best choice for you, but also allow yourself to indulge when you crave it. Great Harvest applauds you for making healthy changes to your lifestyle and are pleased to help by offering you wholesome, healthy and hearty options to keep you on track this fall! Contact us today to learn more about our fresh food restaurant and Logan breakfast catering options.