Great Harvest Bread of Logan


Terrific food, great price, friendly service, music is too loud.
Ellen Cooper 02/27/24 — google
One of my favorite places to eat in Logan!! There’s nothing bad here! Cookies, brownies, muffins, (heavenly) sandwiches, and the list goes on! Plus free bread slice, what’s not to like about that!? The sourdough bread is my favorite, and close to the best sourdough bread I’ve ever had!(second only to my grandpas) definitely would recommend the restaurant and the SOURDOUGH!!!
James Grunig 02/3/24 — google
The most amazing bread and sandwiches
Mya Henrie 11/13/23 — google
Sandwiches are delicious and price is great you can get a sandwich with pickle, chips and muffin. I also tried Big cinnamon rol and it's good but toooooo sweet, they could reduce at least half of the icing. Employees are very friendly and fast to serve.
Pil G 11/8/23 — google
We always love going for a slice of bread and hot chocolate
Yari Acevedo 10/31/23 — google
(Translated by Google) Great Harvest has delicious cinnamon buns and pumpkin chocolate pound cake. The atmosphere in the store is laid back and comfortable, and the staff is very friendly~ (Original) Great Harvest有非常美味的肉桂麵包和南瓜巧克力磅蛋糕,店內氣氛悠閒舒適、員工非常友善~
Payin 10/16/23 — google
Best bread ever! Try the pumpkin.
Jessica Jacobs 10/4/23 — google
One of our favorites. From treats to sandwiches, can’t go wrong!
Ty Hoth 08/7/23 — google
This Patio is amazing and so underrated as well as unused. Logan City put a lot of time, money into Center Street. This is an amazing place to come in for good sandwiches, , breads and pastries. The friendly staff is just as amazing ! The side patio is quite private. I love this place! BTW, come here for your fresh baked bread. Check out the pic of the dough. Today was a simple grilled cheese on sourdough, with both cheddar and provolone cheese. The sandwich it is perfectly grilled. Comes with a dill pickle spear and classic lays potato chips. Affordable and yummy. I’m going to miss this place. Staff is always amazing!
Bart 08/3/23 — google
Honestly didn’t know this was a chain - workers are SO friendly and you get a slice of bread for free with your order! Their veggie sandwich is YUM. Lots of seating so easy for bigger groups. Very quick service!
Julia Moreland 08/2/23 — google
I have memories of great harvest as a kid and I love the great customer service and feel. I was so happy to come to this location and see they are still carrying that on. I will be stopping every time I come to Logan from now on.
Brook Larson 07/15/23 — google
This place is absolutely delicious, but I've experienced even better customer service! Today I walked in around 6:00pm not realizing that's when they close. The workers were so kind and took my order without hesitation. I felt terrible when I went outside and saw the closed sign! I'm very grateful for the wonderful workers there who could've (and maybe should've haha) kicked me out! Great place.
Abigail Porter 06/26/23 — google
Excellent service. They are bent on making you glad you came in. The only trouble is trying to choose which sandwich. All are fabulous. Current favorite is Sweetheart's Chicken Salad on Swedish Rye. So yummy. And I can't walk out without one of those Pranut Butter Bars.
Perry Ewell 06/23/23 — google
PB bars were awesome Sandwiches were excellent. My pilgrem ...just right, Mom s Rachel perfect! Great Chicken sandwich today. The bread was fresh the filling had crisp apples and celery in it. Cinnamon Roll was delicious 😋.
Steve Cann 06/12/23 — google
Only tried their awesome free bread with butter, but it was delicious!!
Rhiannon Chae 05/25/23 — google
An absolutely amazing experience! The customer service is unmatched and the raspberry cinnamon rolls are to die for. Be sure to stop by when Claire is working. Claire was particularly pleasant and made my visit an even greater delight. I will certainly be back next time I'm in Logan.
Taylor Boyer 05/17/23 — google
Great breads, pastries, and sandwiches
Steven Jacobsen 05/16/23 — google
This place is pure deliciousness. This place is also worth coming here at least once a week. We come to get a free piece of bread. I also love their rustic interior. It's so inviting. I love their cinnamon rolls. They have a rich flavor to it. I do sometimes pour melted butter on it. You definitely need to go on a run after this treat. I love their cinnamon and jalapeño bread. We then head to Logan Canyon with our treats. Our kids love it too. We get Mt. Dew and a cookie too. I have gone here for years since 1999. It is one of our favorite spots.
Off The Beaten Path Adventures and Travel (Adventures) 05/7/23 — google
The food here is so good!! I love the turkey pesto sandwich! Also their garlic and cheese bread is amazing!
Tami Janson 04/25/23 — google
I prefer this place to Old Grist Mill. The sandwiches at Great Harvest are ☆☆☆☆☆, packed with deliciousness, and two stars over the Mill.
Yang Tsai 04/25/23 — google
Get the Reuben or the Pesto sandwich, delicious! Also grab a loaf of Potato Dill & Cinnamon Burst for at home. Mmmmmm
Kyle 04/22/23 — google
Great quality at a great price with amazing service.
Antispam Man 04/14/23 — google
This place is an absolute delight! The food, the employees, and especially the atmosphere of it all. I come here to eat and study. I only have one complaint. That is closes way too early. Staying open until at least eight or nine would make this place perfect.
Danny B stewart 03/24/23 — google
Little bit on the high side for price Excellent food and social gathering
John Beard 02/10/23 — google
Great! Like always.
Norm Goltra 01/31/23 — google
We love this bakery and sandwich shop. Everyone is very professional, friendly and helpful. The breads and other baked goods are outstanding and the sandwiches are mouth-watering ♡♡♡
Lucy Harris 01/24/23 — google
Everything they bake just tastes amazing. 😋
My Doll Life 8 12/23/22 — google
Great service and even better treats!
Quincee Kingston 12/22/22 — google
The guy behind the counter was so quick and kind to us. Very courteous, and the bread was very fresh!
Vocaloid_Victrix 11/30/22 — google
Everthing is baked daily. The cinnamon rolls are average but the bread is incredible, very fresh and moist.
Bob Larsen 10/24/22 — google
Great place for for bread and cookies and such. They also make great sandwiches and have drinks. Also take the opportunity to sample the different breads they make. I enjoy a fresh hot slice smothered in butter once in awhile. Pop in a give them a try. My favorite is the Honey Whole Wheat.
Drew Hyer 10/21/22 — google
Great food and service!!
Barbi Sparrow 10/12/22 — google
Fabulous business. Went to get a gift loaf of bread and couldn't believe how many Hi school students lined up for bread samples. What a kind thing to do (day after day free samples). Thx Great Harvest for being a selfless business. We enjoy your tasty baked goods 😋
Kathy King 09/23/22 — google
Awesome place to eat, one of my favorites. The food is great, the atmosphere is friendly for any occasion. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a good environment to relax in and enjoy some great food. The staff is always on top of things and very friendly.
Dan Israelsen 09/2/22 — google
Great place for anything from a fabulous sandwich to a cookie or muffin. You can’t go wrong.
Kurtis Williams 08/9/22 — google
Of course they have good bread, but try the sandwiches too. I recommend Swede's Turkey Pesto. Fun atmosphere, free samples, good food, and great service.
jophus Xakc 07/11/22 — google
Good sandwich
Tyler Wengreen 06/18/22 — google
This place is a real gem! They let you sample their bread (beware- you will 100% want to buy it afterwards!!) it’s sooo delicious! I got a loaf of the brownie bread and it was incredible! Taste like a muffin. They’re very soft and moist. A great atmosphere too!
Sarah Moore 05/25/22 — google
Delicious breads. Wonderful samples to help you decide. And don't forget to get your frequent bread loaf card punched!
Leigh Donaldson 05/22/22 — google
We go every Friday, best value and amazing food and bread. Try the turkey pesto sandwich and cinnaburst bread.
Joshua Lovell 05/14/22 — google
great experience, service was great and nice, the fruit bars here go so hard
ethan. 05/3/22 — google
(Translated by Google) The employees are super friendly, the cleanliness is number 1, the food is super, thank you (Original) Los empleados super amable la limpieza número 1 la comida super gracias
Joseph Aponte 04/27/22 — google
Great value for lunch - a good sized sandwich and chips is less than $8. We also enjoyed the complementary bread samples you can try while waiting in line.
Jordan Jensen 04/23/22 — google
Love this place. Good food and good service.. not to mention they play really good music too!
Austin Richards 03/28/22 — google
I just stopped in for a loaf of bread and got much more than that. The staff is so nice and helpful. The menu is wonderful and the food is delicious. The ambiance is also very uplifting. This little Center Street bakery is a delight to all of the senses!
Arrin Brunson 01/25/22 — google
The roast beef sandwich is amazing! Great staff.
Jon Mays 12/19/21 — google
First time having a sandwich there. Had a ham panini and really liked it. The turkey on cranberry bread also looked yummy.
Louan Christensen 12/3/21 — google
I love going here with my kids! It has become our tradition and we’ve done it for years. They love the sugar cookies and cinnamon bread. I love the sandwiches and honey wheat bread. The food is always top quality! During certain times of day there is a long line, but it hasn’t been too bad. I feel like Great Harvest has become a Logan icon. Thanks for the good food and good memories!
Karlee Larsen 11/24/21 — google
A must have for bread and sandwich lovers, the cinnamon and sourdough loafs are amazing.
Cristian 11/9/21 — google
"Great" spot for lunch! Plenty of tables for customers
Ike Rogers 10/28/21 — google
I love eating here. Everything is great and you get a free slice of bread just for showing up!
Jake Skolez 10/25/21 — google
Good food
Phillip Xu 10/12/21 — google
Pamela Forbes 10/5/21 — google
Awesome food. Ruben was the best. Great service
Randy Boone 08/7/21 — google
Amazing bread, delicious sandwiches, great gifts for purchase. The employees are exceptional and very cheerful. I’d think this was a local restaurant with the environment you experience here.
Crista Vance 08/4/21 — google
Wonderful place to to eat and hang out. We didn't feel any pressure to leave which was so nice and the pilgrim sandwich was amazing.... The staff was so friendly and made us want to return quickly. Thumbs up in every way!!
Kristy Clawson 07/29/21 — google
Straight up excellent. The bread is delorcioushios.
Ben Fredrickson 07/27/21 — google
A nice free slice of bread to go with your morning coffee. If you're in Logan, it's a morning gathering place.
Mike Psarakis 07/23/21 — google
Food is great and customer service is always amazing 👏
Abigail Bates 07/21/21 — google
Bill Bodrero 07/20/21 — google