Great Harvest Bread of Logan

Giving Back to the Community

We value the people in our communities, to employees and their families, and our customers and their families too. We’ve described our approach to food as old-fashioned, and the same can be said of our approach to people. It may be increasingly rare, but we still believe in being good neighbors, treating people well, and doing business with integrity.

Part of our mission statement is to “give generously.” It’s something we’re known for and we’re fortunate that it’s attracted people to our organization who share our values. Generosity is a cornerstone of our culture, and we direct it not only towards those who walk through our doors, but to various causes about which they are passionate. Last year, Great Harvest bakery franchises collectively gave over a million dollars in donations to a whole range of causes, from local charities and community organizations to international relief efforts and cancer research. We do this not just because we believe in “doing good,” but also because we know our communities support us, and we want to reciprocate. When we say that we appreciate your business, we really mean it.


We are a locally owned group of bakeries that have chosen to work together to help support our communities. We understand that it is our communities that support our business and we love to return the favor. We sponsor all kinds of community events including races, bake sales, schools, churches, and many more.

These Logan fundraiser cards are another way we help support our Logan community. Contact your Logan bakery for more information.


At Great Harvest Bread Co of Logan, we believe in giving generously to others. We welcome opportunities to share our bread and serve our local communities. We gladly donate to non-profit organizations. We donate bread and rolls for events, beautiful gift baskets and gift cards for fundraising auctions, and free cookie certificates to reward students.

We do reach our maximum capacity from time to time, so call us as soon as you know your needs. Due to production volume, we are unable to accommodate donation requests from November 15th through December 31st. Please consider us for any other time of the year. Thank you for your interest!