Great Harvest Bread of Taylorsville


Terrific sandwiches bread and much other everything here is Terrific staff is awesome as well
Sean McDonald 05/23/24 — google
The food was good but the politics your gay flag and your Black Lives Matters signs have to go .A bread store doesn’t need to be displaying these things. I think there is a time and place for your views this is not one of them.
Kathy Mickelsen 05/4/24 — google
Love the breads
Nancy Coggle 04/25/24 — google
I absolutely love their breads. This location is just off the freeway making it convenient. It is so delightful to go in and it is a cute store. It is my second favorite store. Their bread is always delicious and fresh. I love that my daughter can eat it without a problem due to her food allergies.
Tatiana Grant 04/24/24 — google
Andrew is always so friendly every time I stop in! The food is always delicious. Great place to go!
Reanne Lindhorst 04/24/24 — google
Love there half sandwich and soup
terry “Tina” carlson 04/21/24 — google
Pumpkin chocolate chip bread was fantastic but the sugar cookies where very dry.
Jennifer Tuft 04/15/24 — google
My chicken pecan sandwich was fabulous. The bread is always amazing. The staff is second to none. The music is even wonderful!!!
Robin Steele 04/10/24 — google
I moved out of the state, but whenever visiting SLC, this is a must stop.
Pedro Leon 04/5/24 — google
Got a carrot cake for Easter. Also, I got a sample of Dakota bread. This was the first time I tried it. So good!
sbaowba 03/29/24 — google
Enjoy stopping an getting a loaf of cheddar garlic bread , all there breads, pasterys sandwiches are Excellent. The people are friendly , an its always clean, bathroomsare as well to..
Sue I. Drechsel 03/29/24 — google
This was such a fun shop to visit. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by displays of yummy breads, desserts, and even soup mixes. There is a small indoor eating area where you can order delicious sandwiches. They also have samples of different breads and desserts. The employees were all very nice, helpful, and friendly. I will definitely be going back.
Connie Anderson 03/13/24 — google
The employees were amazing. So friendly. So comfortable being there. I couldn't have been in a better place to enjoy breakfast with my lady other than being in our own home.
Eric Christensen (Eric311c) 03/8/24 — google
This place has always been amazing! Love the food.
Cindy Reynolds 02/28/24 — google
Scotcharoos are AMAZING.
Meghan Smith 01/23/24 — google
I always get a loaf and a slice or two when I'm in town. Im in Heaven for a week.
Rich Passey 01/18/24 — google
Love the atmosphere. Kind of smells and feels like a coffee shop that sells amazing breads and pastries and sandwiches. The food is great. Had the turkey cobb sandwich and it was a little dry but the flavor was great. Also bought the chocolate raspberry bread and it was all chocolate, no raspberries. That and the dry sandwich is why it's 4 starts, not 5. Good, but improvement can be made. Service is FANTASTIC.
Lance Pearson 01/15/24 — google
I love food here. I bought bread for my neighbors For Christmas
Bob's last Anthony 01/9/24 — google
I walked into this location cuz I had a gift card and haven't been in a great harvest for probably 10 years if not more and found a lovely loaf of blueberry raspberry bread and it was divine. I asked the young girl at the counter "where are your Mazurka bars"? and she gave me a look that said I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Apparently they don't make Mazurka bars anymore which was probably my favorite item there.
Adam Smit 12/19/23 — google
I haven’t been here but I really love bread so I would have to imagine whatever they are making is delicious. 👅🍞
Johnny Arellano 12/13/23 — google
Going anywhere else for bread would be really hard. I think my appetite for their bread could go all day long. They’ve always left me satisfied and smiling.
Steven Kellogg 12/6/23 — google
Always a lunch fave. The Taylorsville location is my favorite. They are friendly, consistent, always good!
Nicki Kasteler 11/28/23 — google
nice people, nice products!!!
Farid Neira 11/19/23 — google
Awesome as usual!
Laura Tippetts-Burrows 11/3/23 — google
Great local bakery, love the breakfast and cinnamon rolls.
joseph fong (Joe) 10/29/23 — google
This place is awesome! Staff are super friendly and know their menu and make great recommendations! Food is amazing! I am visiting from out of town so I got a few things for the road and they were all so GOOD! Thank you
Angela Wilder 10/18/23 — google
Delicious turkey cranberry sandwiches and the best oatmeal chocolate chip
John Henshaw 10/17/23 — google
Ethan Cambell 10/1/23 — google
Though I've driven by countless times, I never stopped until recently. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am impressed. The staff is extremely friendly; the gentleman who helped me was clearly in love with his job, which to me speaks volumes. The food was fresh and delicious. I'll for sure be coming on back.
Sharece Willcoxon 09/26/23 — google
They put a beautiful basket together and delivered it in the same afternoon. Very helpful and kind!!
Tiffany Bowles 09/23/23 — google
How do you describe that warm feeling you experience when you enjoy food made from real ingredients as well as the care and love of bakers with passion? This is the best kept secret in Taylorsville and West Jordan for beautiful baked goods 💚 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread nom nom nom 🤤
Clifton Wright 09/22/23 — google
Good bread
Scott Conder 09/20/23 — google
The staff is amazing, the food is great
Shelly Ann Flick 09/20/23 — google
Yummy bread! I like the variety and selections they offer. Their sandwiches and lunch boxes are a good value. My husband is addicted to their cookies. I’m also very happy that their chocolate pumpkin bread is back for the season.
Anna Recksiek Conder 09/20/23 — google
A little expensive the rolls i bought were kinda dry but great customer service and staff
Victor Fortner 09/1/23 — google
Great gift baskets
Gerson Sanchez 08/31/23 — google
I had an event in Tooele and was going to buy from Great Harvest a day before, so I could serve breakfast first thing the next day. The owner wanted my guests to have the freshest products and VOLUNTEERED to drive them to Tooele that morning! Not only was the customer service top notch but there wasn't a crumb left at the end of the event! WELL DONE!
Tera Porter 08/21/23 — google
I've only been here twice but both times. The staff was so nice and friendly! It's a great atmosphere and they have tasty food. We got the I think what's called the bird salad. It was delicious. 😋
Vanessa Walker 08/18/23 — google
Prompt for a large catering order..more food was needed and they ran it back out! Cinnamon rolls were soooo delicious
Victoria Williams 08/15/23 — google
I love Great Harvest. BEST TOMATO BASIL SOUP I'VE HAD IN MY LIFE. Highly recommend this place.
Declan Sartawi 07/26/23 — google
Absolutely the best breakfast sandwichs around. Coffee was great and the sample cinnamon bun was amazing.
Elevated Adventures 07/22/23 — google
Everything is delicious! The people are all so nice.
Cindy McIntosh 07/19/23 — google
If you like bread and treats this is the right place!
Gus Schoen 07/19/23 — google
Phenomenal food - I ordered a “create your own” sandwich (beehive white bread, roast beef, cucumbers, provolone, sprouts, green bell peppers, lettuce, and carrot shavings) with a blueberry muffin. It was FRESH, FAST, and TASTY!
Palepoi Gilmore 07/11/23 — google
Their bread is always perfection; well baked and fresh (we always get the honey wheat). Also, their sandwiches are phenomenal! We’ve stopped in for lunch a couple of times lately and have loved everything we’ve tried. If you like something with a bit of a kick, get the Hawaiian!
Kaitlyn Williams 07/5/23 — google
Great bread great service, outrageous sandwiches
Lynn Stevens 07/1/23 — google
I love this location!
Elsa2771 06/30/23 — google
This bakery will always have a place in my heart as a fantastic place to get sandwiches. But over the years I’ve gotten bread, cookies, and so much more and it is always great. Upon entering and ordering you may be offered some free sample bread while you wait for your sandwich to be freshly made. My go to is the Turkey Bacon Ranch, and rest assured you’ll get a generous helping of thickly sliced Turkey every time. I also usually get a chocolate chip cookie, and it just makes such a great lunch. Pair those with a variety of pre packaged drinks or a fountain drink and you can’t go wrong. I have also been told their sugar cookies are the absolute best!
Jeremy Rose 06/30/23 — google
Excellent bakery
Larry K. Bodine 06/29/23 — google
Absolutely delicious food
Kit 06/20/23 — google
After moving away, came back for a visit. Made a point to visit here. Love the pumpkin bread, muffins and oatmeal cookies. They give away large samples too.
Callie Lewis 06/18/23 — google
Ordering a BIG Catering Order was a breeze! So helpful! Its nice to go somewhere where the Staff is just happy and pleasant.
James Erickson 06/11/23 — google
Excellent service and discounts. Friendly and welcoming. Best breads & gift ideas.
Ana Tuione 06/3/23 — google
I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed my visit. Vegetarian options were a huge plus. The sandwich and cookie were delicious. The best part was the service. The atmosphere was welcoming and friendly.
Mel Rosales 05/26/23 — google
Good sandwiches!
Jeff Lucero 05/23/23 — google
Can buy great tasting treats
SUZIE Harris 05/16/23 — google
Loved the loaf of bread I bought the other day, it was raspberry and blueberry or something, I’ll be back soon for more!
Saydria Christensen 05/9/23 — google
Wow. I wanted to rate this place 10/10 the first time I came here. This is only my third visit but it’s literally better every time. The hospitality!!!! Yoooo!!!! These people are so very kind. So friendly and it changes my whole mood when I come here. I might just need to apply 😂😉 seriously loveeeee the fresh and delicious food and please grab y’all some pumpkin chocolate chip bread. It’s divine!!!! Love these sandwiches!!!
Lizzy Chatwin 05/5/23 — google
Love their bread, dessert selections
Lynda Maynard 05/3/23 — google
(Translated by Google) EXCELLENT (Original) EXCELENTE
Neulis Atencio 04/16/23 — google