Treat Catering in Holladay

Treat Catering In Holladay

Think Great Harvest Bread Holladay for your next gathering. We rise early and roll out the cinnamon rolls, make and bake marvelous muffins, English tea scones, and scrumptious cake breads. Our doors open at 6:30 and the smells are worth the trip.

Order delicious boxes of baked goods in Holladay, and we will have them ready for you when you arrive. Great Harvest Bread Company Treat Catering in Holladay.

Great Harvest Holladay Catering Treats

Tasty Treats in Holladay

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Desserts Galore

A delicious variety of cookies, bars and cake bread.

24 pieces


48 pieces


96 pieces


Box Office Treats

Formerly the Tray of Treats, This box features six fresh baked scones, twelve giant cookies, two delicious cake breads, and our popular Cinnamon Burst Bread. We also include a Great Harvest bread knife, plates, napkins and tongs to make sharing a little easier. Order from our Holladay bakery today! (Put it all in a gift basket for $10.00 more!)

Per Box


Specialty Cookies

A freshly baked variety of oatmeal chocolate chip, snickerdoodles and grandma peg's chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies. Indulge in lunchtime dessert or just liven up the afternoon office meeting!

24 assorted cookies


36 assorted cookies


48 assorted cookies


Amazing Bars by the Tray

Our various bars by the tray are a huge hit for parties and other special occasions. These trays are great for parties, weddings, office meetings, family reunions etc. Order a tray today from your Great Harvest Holladay Bakery. Choose from Lemon Bars, Brownies, or Mazurka bars.

Tray of 24


Tray of 35


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We are baking fresh bread daily. Now is a good time to stock up. Our bread freezes well! Double bag your bread and wait 24 hours after baking to freeze.


We are still making all your favorite soups, salads and sandwiches. Call ahead and we'll have it ready when you arrive.


Our bakery breakfast catering arrangements are always warm and welcoming, no matter what season. Try Great Harvest Bread Utah, for your next breakfast catering event!


Nothing brightens your day like a giant cinnamon roll or a double fudge brownie! We're still baking all your favorite sweet treats.


Every season we offer a few fun treats to help create tradition with your family and friends. Any of these items can be made at any time during the year with a minimum order of 6 and at least 48 hours advanced notice.